Best Dual Temperature Swim Spas for 2023

Our editorial team has fielded many questions from would be swim spa buyers asking who makes a portable swim spa and hot tub combo all-in-one so we’ve taken some time and aggregated a comprehensive list of swim spa manufacturers who build what the industry refers to as a dual temp, dual zone, or dual temperature swim spas.  The reason why they are called dual temperature swim spas is that, although they are one piece, there is an actual wall that separates the hot tub end from the swim spa end and each unit has its own independent heater, controls, and filtration.

There are some clear advantages if you want a hot tub and swim spa unit that is integrated.

  • Clean and ubiquitous look
  • Convenient and easy transitioning from one unit to the other

There are also some disadvantages and limitations with dual temperature swim spas.

  • They are typically more expensive as fewer manufacturers build them and they get a premium over buying a hot tub and swim spa separately
  • Hard to move or relocate usually requiring a crane, forklift, or other specialized equipment.
  • They require a large electrical service.  Most dual temps need two separate 220v/50AMP electrical lines ran.  One for the hot tub and one for the swim spa.  Not only is this twice the normal electrical installation cost of a separate hot tub or swim spa it means a homeowner must have at least 100 AMPS available in their electrical panel

Below is a list of manufacturers and dual temperature swim spa models available for 2023.  Depending on the size (mostly length) and features you can find these between $25,000-$50,000 :

  1. American Whirlpool DM8 Swim Spa
  2. Artesian SpasTidal Fit Exercise Pools and Swim Spas
  3. Cal Spas – Swim Pro Swim and Fitness Spas
  4. Catalina SpasCatalina Swim Spas Olympic 400 Series and Catalina 600 Series
    • Olympic 400 Series 18′ and 20′ Marathon Dual Temp
    • Olympic 400 Series 21′ Dual temp
    • Catalina 600 Series 16′ Catalina Dual Temp
    • Catalina 600 Series 18′ and 20′ Catalina Dual Temp
  5. Dynasty Spas – Pro Dual 19′ Swim Spa
  6. Endless Pools Endless Pool Swim Spas
    • E2000 – Endless Pools Fitness System
    • X2000 SwimCross Exercise System
  7. Hydropool Hot TubsHydropool Swim Spas 
    • AquaSport 19′ DTfX
    • AquaTrainer 19′ DTfX
  8. Integrity SpasDual Zone Swim Spa Hot Tubs
    • 19′ Grand Bahama Dual Zone Swim Spa Hot Tub
    • 19′ Grand Cayman Dual Zone Swim Spa Hot Tub
    • 19′ Grand Cayman Extreme Dual Zone Swim Spa Hot Tub (61″ tall)
  9. PDC SpasPDC Swim Spa Collection
    • TruSwim Propulsion Swim Spa TSX219
    • Synergy Jetted Swim Spa FX219
  10. Pinnacle Spas Swim Spa Models
    • AQ16 and AQX16 Swim Spas
    • Swim Spa Dual Zone 18′
  11. Premium Leisure SpasSwim Spa Models
    • AQ16 and AQX16 Swim Spas
    • AQ19 and AQX19  Swim Spas
    • Swim Spa Dual Zone 18
  12. Master SpasH2X Swim Spas
    • Trainer 19 Jetted Swim Spa
    • Trainer 19D Jetted Swim Spa (60″ tall)
  13. Master SpasMichael Phelps Swim Spas
    • MP Momentum
    • MP Momentum Deep (60″ tall)
  14. Vita SpasxStream Swim Spas
    • VM8 Dual Temp Swim Spa
  15. Passion Spas – Sport and Fitness Collection
    • Swimspa Vitality 23′ (50″ depth)
    • Swimspa Vitality 23′ Deep (60″ depth)
    • Swimspa Energy 23′ (50″ depth)
    • Swimspa Energy Deep 23′ (60″ depth)

For more information you can visit our brands pages, buyers guides, or simply fill out our “Free Local Hot Tub Quotes” form to get competitive prices on hot tubs and swim spas in your local area. You can also click our “Spa Buyer’s Consult” link above to get one on one expert advice on the best swim spa available in your area.

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