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  • Alps Spas

    Alps Spas

    Alps Spas has been making top quality custom spas since 1986. They are a global hot tub dealer with two manufacturing facilities in Atlanta. Instead of building inventory, they focus on building each hot tub and spa to their customer's specifications.Alps Spas are built to last a long time. They use only the highest-rated components and testing procedures, from their G-90 Steel Frame construction that has a lifetime warranty, to their environmentally safe acrylic backing and ABS bottom; and every hot tub is water tested for 12 hours to ensure that all components are working properly.Whether buying a two-person hot tub or a 16-foot swim spa, Alps Spas knows that most people want their hot tub or spa to fit in with their interior or exterior colors and style. The ability to custom-order a hot tub makes a big difference to many customers. Some have specific requirements or limitations for their hot tub purchase, while others have aesthetics in mind, and want a hot tub that works with their bathroom or home decor. If the buyer has the space, a custom-designed swim spa is an excellent, luxury addition to the enjoyment and value of their home.To speak with someone who has years of experience in spa construction, you can call the company directly, or contact one of their authorized dealers in the U.S. or Europe.
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  • American Whirlpool Spas

    American Whirlpool Spas

    American Whirlpool Hot Tubs and Swim Spas is the newest brainchild of parent company Maax Spas. The new brand is actually an overall rehaul and redesign of what used to be the Maax Collection of hot tubs. Boasting more innovative and richer features American Whirlpool seems to pick up where the Maax Collection left off. Some of the new features include

    • Dr. Designed Zoned Therapy - Strategic jet placement at precise pain trigger points for a perfect massage.
    • 4 Step Cleaning System - Uses the same technology for sanitizing drinking water.
    • Northern Exposure Insulation System - Utilizes a three layer thermal barrier that traps the radiant heat from the hot tubs equipment.
    • Steel Frame Construction
    • Comfort Collar - Wrap around collar that strategically placed two jets high up on the neck and two jets directly over the shoulder giving unparalleled massage to the place you need it most.
    • Foot Relief Zone
    • TheraMAAX Jets - Proprietary jet design providing excellent massage.

    The new line of hot tubs are designed by medical professionals and engineers for best in class therapeutic and technical superiority. Moreover every hot tub goes through over 300 quality control measures to ensure the highest standards are met.

    Additional brands/lines include: LA Spas, In-Fit Swim Spas, California Cooperage Hot Tubs, Elite Spas, Vita Spas, PowerPool Swim Spas, Maax Collection Hot Tubs

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  • AquaTerra Spas

    AquaTerra Spas

     AquaTerra hot tubs are made by Watkins Wellness, the world’s leading manufacturer of hot tubs and aquatic fitness products, and are available exclusively from  The Benicia model is a 4-person Spa that has 20 jets with stainless steel trim, a thermal locking cover with hinge seal for added heat retention, and full-foam insulation for high energy efficiency.  Features include an intuitive, simple digital control panel, adjustable cascading waterfall, multi-color underwater LED lighting, and a bottom drain for easy maintenance.  Its two-speed pump allows for high or low jet control.  The hot tub cabinet is made of durable RokSolid™ advanced unicast polyethylene.  With curbside delivery and plug-n-play technology, owning the Benicia model is an easy way to get started enjoying the benefits of hot-tub relaxation.The larger Verona model has 22-jets, seating for six and features such as multicolor LED Lighting, adjustable cascading waterfall and Ozonator with Plug-N-Play or 230V.  The Verona has ample room for soaking with barrier-free seating, while 22 jets and a cascading waterfall gives a relaxing massage.  The 1 Kw/4 Kw stainless steel heater keeps water warm with maximum efficiency.  The factory-installed Ozonator keeps your spa water clear and reduces the amount of chemicals needed, allowing you to spend less time maintaining your spa and more time enjoying it.  Equipped with plug-n-play technology, the Verona can be plugged into any standard 110V outlet.  No additional wiring is required! Additional brands/lines include:  Freeflow Spas, Fantasy Spas, Hot Springs Spas, Limelight Spas, Endless Pools Swim Spas, Caldera Spas, Vacanza Spas, Utopia Series Spas, Paradise Series Spas
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  • Arctic Spas

    Arctic Spas

    Founded in 1994, Arctic Spas (aka Blue Falls Manufacturing) is a Canadian manufacturer of hot tubs and swim spas. They are owned by a group of Canadians from rural communities with values of trust, high quality and innovation going beyond commercial success. The company’s motto has always been to be the best and not necessarily the biggest. Born from the extreme cold conditions of Northern Canada, Arctic claims that they are one of the best insulated, most energy efficient hot tubs in the world. In fact, they boast that no climate is too extreme for their hot tubs.  They also tout quality construction, longevity, ease of use, and low maintenance features which make their spas a cut above the rest. Arctic also manufactures and distributes a line of gazebos, grill-houses, steps, bars, cover lifters and related hot tub accessories. With over a 100 retailers across the globe, Arctic is available in most metropolitan cities. You can find more information on Arctic Spas at Additional brands/lines include:  Apollo Spas, Banera bathtubs, Burton Spas, Columbia Spas, and Coyote Spas.
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  • Artesian Spas

    Artesian Spas

    Artesian Spas (aka May Manufacturing) founding partners have over 100 years of combined spa manufacturing experience.  They began their business with a single goal – to offer the best quality spas with the most features, and the greatest range of products.  Today, there are Authorized Artesian Spas dealers in more than 300 countries around the world.Artesian builds spas for every budget, from high end to middle and low price range.    The company has received Best of Class Awards from every year since 1998.  The award is based on product inspections, phone interviews and independent polling of 5,000 consumers.Artesian offers spa models Platinum Elite Class, Island Spas and Island Spas Elite, South Seas Spas and Garden Spas, and features like hydrotherapy jets, sound systems, LED lighting and special water features.  They are passionately committed to providing unparalleled quality in their spas at every price level.According to Artesian, their "green technology" makes their spas unlike any others.  They sell energy efficient products like Crystal AOP™ Brilliance, Crystal AOP™ Ozone Mixing Chamber, and DirectFlow™ for ultimate water control. Additional brands/lines include:  Island Spas, Island Elite Spas, Platinum Elite Spas, South Seas Spas, Resort Spas, Tropic Seas Spas, Tropic Seas Elite Spas, Tropic Reflections Spas, Tidal Fit Swim Spas, The Garden Spas
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  • Aspen Spas

    Aspen Spas

    Founded in 1991 by the Bania family, Aspen Spas, based in St. Louis, Missouri, is still owned and operated by family members today.  Their focus, from the start, has been creating custom-built hot tubs and providing the best customer service.  Other hallmarks of the company's business model are attention to detail, use of high-quality materials and exclusive Aspen designs.Buyers have many options and upgrades available for customizing their Aspen hot tub to their specific needs, starting with the size and seating configuration they prefer.  Then, you can personalize your spa to enhance your hot tub experience with Bluetooth stereo, powerful volcano foot jets, remote access to the spa controls via your smartphone, and more.  Aspen's volcanic footwell jets provides the ultimate therapeutic massage by rushing undulating water at 70 gallons per minute to legs, knees and hamstrings; by sinking down into the oversized footwell, users can target their hips and lower back, too.  The Aspen model was developed by their engineering team to deliver the highest level of spa experience.  They knew that one seat design would not fit all bodies, so Aspen Spas offers four seat designs with varying combinations of features, depending on spa model.  Each seat is a different height and width and has different jet patterns and sizes, for a distinct experience in each seat.  Their custom-built spas also feature an enormous foot well and highly efficient use of space to maximize user enjoyment.Attention to detail and innovation, combined with high-quality materials, the exclusive Aspen designs unrivaled in comfort and total relaxation. Additional brands/lines include:  Extreme Series (ES), GS Series, Value Series (VS).
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  • Atera Spas

    Atera Spas

    In 1996, Atera invented, and continues to build today, their one-of-a-kind hot tubs and spas in Phoenix, Arizona.  Their patented Atera AnyTemp® heater and spa-chiller technologies of theirTrueZone® Dual Zone Swim Spas provides economical heating and chilling for perfect-temperature home aquatic therapy, endless swimming and outdoor exercise in any climate.  Their spas and hot tubs are handcrafted to each client's specifications, and sold only factory direct worldwide through their factory showroom in Glendale, Arizona.  Atera AnyTemp® spas, swim spas and hot tubs are unlike any other hot tub spas, swim spas or swimming pools in the world with their unique contrasting hot and cold (62 deg. To 104 deg. F) temperatures that allow therapy, swimming and exercising outdoors, anywhere and anytime.  These spas are ideal for pain relief or for athletic cold plunge after training to reduce recovery time.  Military, law-enforcement, first-responder, medical and athletic trainer discounts are available. Their company's motto is "20 Years of Honest American Family Service." With Atera's Choice Water® Treatment purifier, Atera AnyTemp®spas and hot tubs can be drained and filled yearly, instead of quarterly; and the water can be used on your lawn or garden purifier without harm to your pets, plants and lawn without fear of toxic chemicals used in other spas and hot tubs.  In addition, annual drain and fills can save thousands of gallons of water a year.
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  • Baja Spas

    Baja Spas

    Baja Spas, family owned and operated since 1972, created the first vacuum formed acrylic hot tub, which debuted at the National Spa and Pool Institute Expo in Los Angeles in 1974.  One of the most popular Baja lines is their Sportub series, which are plug-and-play systems. The 1059 model has a built-in chemical feeder, sealed filtration system, and a gravity drain with garden hose fitting.  It has 12 therapy jobs and is ozone ready.  The Performance series is another popular line. They are generally bigger than the Sportub and have more optional upgrades. The 1046 model (88" x 88" x 35") has 38 therapy jets, and comes with the KleenH20 water treatment system, built-in ozone purification system, a built-in chemical feeder, and a sealed filtration system. Baja’s top-of-the-line model is from the Whitewater series with 50 therapy jets and 27 LED lights (88" x 88" x 38") It has the KleenH20 water treatment and the built-in ozone purification systems.  Like the others, it has a built-in chemical feeder, sealed filtration system, and gravity drain with garden hose attachment.  It also comes standard with three water pumps and Quik Heat heating system.All Baja Spas come in an array of colors and with many options.  Lighting systems, handheld massage wands and antimicrobial protection are available options.  Baja Spas are Energy Star compliant, and have a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty (10-year structural, 5-year acrylic surface, 3-year parts and service).  Additional brands/lines include:  Cove Spas, Garden Leisure Spas, Shoreline Spas.
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  • Beachcomber Hot Tubs

    Beachcomber Hot Tubs

    Beachcomber Hot Tubs have been hand made in Canada since 1978.  The company is family owned, with independently owned local retail stores in Canada and the U.S., as well as an online store.  They say that their retail stores have the same integrity, values and care as the owners, and that the company has always looked after their customers and treated them like family.  Their sales slogan is "Affordability Meets Luxury," and claim that no matter which of their 20 model you choose, it will be built with the same high quality artisanship as the top models.They call their hot tub designs modern and beautiful, like "functional art that lasts for decades," and hand-sculpt the tub molds for perfect contouring.  A recently added Anniversary Edition has a "metallic" acrylic finish they call Titanium.Beachcomber’s hot tubs have been engineered to ensure their energy efficiency, saving their customers' money and minimizing environment impact.  They claim to be certified through an independent government agency as the most energy efficient hot tubs on the market today.All Beachcomber retail stores offer computer water analysis that quickly and accurately tests a sample of their customers' water. They provide them with a ‘recipe’ sheet of what to add to ensure clear, clean water.Beachcomber customers are able to upgrade certain options for their hot tubs, which are pre-plumbed for the ClearTech UVC water care system option.  Additional brands/lines include:  700 SLB Air Series Spas, 700 Series Spas, 500 Series Spas, 300 Series Spas
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