Swim Spa with Hot Tub

Swim Spas are a revolutionary product in the hot tub industry because they provide year round swimming and hot tubbing benefits from the convenience of one’s backyard.  They are portable and take up much less space than a traditional swimming pool.  Also, they are much more cost effective than installing a swimming pool and in most cases don’t even require a permit.  In this article lets explore getting a swim spa with a hot tub but first let’s break down the two types of swim spas with hot tub.

swimspa with hot tub

The first type is what we refer to as a single temperature swim spa with hot tub.  This means that there is one heater for the whole unit and that a user would likely have to increase the temperature of the whole unit from 80-90 degrees (swim temperature) up to 100-104 degrees to properly use it as a hot tub.  Note that the hot tub jets will operate at any temperature but to truly get a hydrotherapy experience you will want to use the hot tub jets and sit in the hot tub therapy seats when the swim spa is at 100-104 degrees.  Single temperature (one heater) swim spas with hot tub can range in length from 12′ length up to 20′ length.  The larger the swim spa the more water capacity it will have and the longer it will take to heat up from swim temperature to hot tub temperature.  We would recommend a smaller swim spa for those planning to use it regularly as a hot tub because it will be less gallons which means it will take less time to heat up and cost less to heat.

dual zone swim spa

The second type of swim spa with hot tub is what is referred to as a dual temperature swim spa or dual zone swim spa.  A dual temperature swim spa is one that has a barrier between the hot tub section and the swimming section so that two different water temperatures can be had.  Dual temperature swim spas have two heaters and separate equipment and controls for each side allowing them to operate independently of each other.  Basically, you can keep your hot tub section at a desired temperature of 100-104 degrees so that it is available at all times.  On the swimming section you can keep the temperature at 80-90 degrees.  In a dual temperature there is no need to constantly change temperatures up and down which makes them more efficient and convenient to use.

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