Pool and Spa

A pool and spa combo is otherwise known as a swim spa or exercise spa. These versatile and unique units offer all of the hydrotherapy benefits of a hot tub along with the recreation and exercise of a swimming pool.

There are two types of pool and spa combos. The first is called a single temperature swim spa. A single temp swim spa is typically eight feet in width and comes in lengths of 12’, 14’, 16’, and 18’. These units feature hot tub seats with hydrotherapy jets on one end and on the other end there are swim jets and a large swimming area. They call these units single temperature swim spas because you keep the entire unit at one temperature.  Basically, when you are swimming then you’ll keep it at 80-90 degrees and when you are hot tubbing then you’ll raise the temp to 100-104 degrees.

The second type is called a dual zone or dual temp swim spa. A dual temperature swim spa is just that. It’s capable of holding and maintaining two temperatures. The hot tub end can be constantly maintained between 100-104 degrees and the swim end can be constantly maintained between 80-90 degrees. This is because there is a divider or wall that separates the two sections and each section has its own equipment and able to run independently.

Swim spas are an amazing year-round recreation and wellness product that is portable and turn key for those wanting a swimming pool and a hot tub but do want to go through all of the added time and expense of permitting, excavation, and cost. Not to mention, a pool takes up substantially more space in the backyard than a swim spa.

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