What Temperature Should A Swim Spa Be?

Swim spas and exercise pools are really unique and unconventional because, unlike a swimming pool, they can be used year-round so setting the ideal temperature for a swim spa really depends on three things;

  1. Is the Swim Spa a Dual Temperature or Dual Zone unit? Dual temp swim spas are a single, monolithic structure however the hot tub and swim spa are separated (division in the acrylic+fiberglass shell) and each have their own heater, control systems, and equipment. This allows a user to maintain a normal hot tub temperature range of 100-104 degrees and maintain the swim side temperature range of 80-90 degrees. If the unit is a single temperature swim spa then the range would be 80-90 degrees for swimming, however, the unit can be heated up to 104 degrees like a traditional hot tub if one were inclined to do so.
  2. What time of the year are you swimming? Ambient (outside temperatures) air temp has a lot to do with what temperature you keep your swim spa at. If you are swimming during the peak summer months then keeping the swim spa at a refreshing 80 degrees is ideal. However, if you are swimming during the colder, winter months then you may want to swim at 90 degrees. There’s also the fall and spring which would require some tweaking too.
  3. Purpose and Duration – When using the swim spa (single temp) for swimming then the aforementioned range of 80-90 degrees is recommended. However, a single temp swim spa can be raised to normal hot tub temperature of 100-104 degrees so it can be used for the purpose of hot tubbing (hot water therapy). Duration and length of use matter for both swimming and hot tubbing when setting temperature. For example, if you are using the swim spa at 104 degrees which is the upper end of a hot tub temperature range then you may want to limit use to 15-20 minutes versus using it at 100 degrees in which case you feel comfortable for being in it longer (like 30 minutes). Hot tub temperature range really depends on the individual, age, or medical condition. You can view our other article which discusses ideal hot tub temperatures for more information on that subject.

To find what temperature works best for you we would recommend trying it for 20-30 minutes at a time at different temperatures to see what’s most comfortable. 

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