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Are you looking to buy a hot tub or swim spa?

Our Hot Tub Buyer’s Consult can give you peace of mind knowing that you have 20+ years of professional hot tub industry experience on your side.


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A quality hot tub can cost between $5,000 – $20,000. As much as $20,000-$50,000 for a swim spa. This is not pocket change for most consumers which is why Hot Tub Insider was created in 2016 by seasoned experts and has quickly become the hot tub industry’s most detailed and robust buyer’s resource. Our goal has always been to empower the buyer with tools, information, and knowledge so that they can make an informed decision when it comes to purchasing a hot tub or swim spa.

Furthermore, the hot tub industry can be wrought with gimmicks, misinformation, and deceptive sales/marketing practices that can lead to a lot of confusion when buying a hot tub or swim spa which is why we’ve added a “Hot Tub Buyer’s Consult” as one of our services.

Our Hot Tub Buyer’s Consult can give you peace of mind knowing that you have 20+ years of professional hot tub industry experience on your side.

Here’s a list of what is included in our buyer’s consults:

  1. Up to 60 minute phone consult or video consult (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet).
  2. Local dealer/brand recommendations in your area.
  3. Price quote reviews and analysis to make sure you’re getting a fair deal (we’ve saved buyers hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars by eliminating excess fees and charges).

Most important, we offer a money back guarantee on this service. If you’re not satisfied with the value that our expert consultants bring to your hot tub or swim purchase then we will give you a full refund. Rest assured having us in your corner will give you the leverage you need to negotiate the best deal on a quality hot tub or swim spa.

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Hot Tub Insider
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 15 reviews
 by Beverley Rilett
Michael’s advice is gold

I am so thankful for Michael’s timely and generous expert advice. He knows what he’s talking about and saved us a LOT of money and aggravation. We even got his delivery, setup, and cover lifter advice. I was happy to pay the small consultation fee. —Bev in Alabama

 by Mark Schreiber
Hours of Research Condensed

I couldn't be happier with the consultation we had with Michael. I typically do a lot of research on my own and I had done a fair amount anyway before paying for the consultation with Michael. It's a very great offering, he was able to condense all the important information, some of which I already knew, but much of which I hadn't thought about. I feel very comfortable with the selection we made and I don't think I would have landed on the brand that Michael introduced to us. I have no hesitation recommending this consultation to anyone in the market for a hot tub.

 by Tony Prudent
Wellis Orion P&P

Michael has been great throughout this entire process. His knowledge and expertise in the hot tub industry was key when i made my decision.

 by Ericka Brunson

Michael was very knowledgeable and helped me make a final decision between the 2 brands I was shopping, the difference’s in the models was frustrating but he helped navigate throughout my final decision. He answered all of my questions without making me feel dumb. He was a liaison between myself and dealer making the process seemless. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to purchase a hot tub.

 by Kenneth Bauman
Experience w/ Mike

I am in the middle of re-habing the deck and in-ground pool area, and I have this place, where my old hot tub sat..... So las night, I went out on line just to price new tubs, and this morning when I checked my in-box, I had a voice message from Mike. At first I wasn't going to return his call, but then I changed my mind, and man am I glad I did!! Mike located a dealer, and before I knew it I had a hot tub bought and on it's way. Mike's help, is the best experience I have ever had, when buying a hot tub. The 5 stars don't even come close to measuring to amount of help he gave me. Best help I ever had.....

 by John
Burning questions

I’m buying a second hot tub and wanted a second opinion from an independent person. Two minutes to pay $49 and in a matter of Minutes Mike a knowledgeable experienced, Pleasant professional was on the phone. Our 26 minute phone call answered all of the questions that I had Regarding quality construction prices and service. I Now was armed with a detailed price list. If you are a first time buyer Getting a spa is confusing paying way too much is easy,, and guidance by knowledgeable reputable professionals would assist you greatly. Mike’s depth of knowledge of design materials construction and sales coupled with his engaging personality and contacts throughout the spa sales world is formidable.

Five stars could not have been better

 by Terry Lowry
One of the best moves I’ve ever made

First time buyers should do this - best money spent. These folks are not affiliated with any manufacturer/ brand. They are the Switzerland of the industry. They will not pressure you into something, they take the time to understand your needs.

 by Michael Hopkins
Super helpful and informative

Worked with Mike at Hot Tub Insider. He couldn’t have been more helpful and informative and guided us through a very confusing marketplace. We ended up with exactly the spa we needed for our backyard deck in Whitefish, Montana

 by Kameron Hunt
Hot Tub Buyer's Consult

I have been looking into buying a hot tub for a while now, but when the time came to get serious about it, I had no idea where to start. I researched a couple of local dealers and did not find much. I spoke on the phone with Michael and he provided some excellent information. He pointed me towards a local dealer that I was not aware existed, and he explained to me which brands in particular they carry that would suit my needs. He saved me lots of time and money with his expert advice, and on top of that I got some extras thrown in by the dealer! I would recommend a buyer's consult from Michael to anyone looking to buy a hot tub because I could not have gotten this done without his help.

 by Therese Ames

Michael was extremely helpful and understanding of my frustrations in dealing with all the different dealers. He helped me make an informed decision and cut through the sales pitches. I had searched for awhile and was ready to decide. He helped me rule some out and narrow it down. It gave me peace of mind that I got the best spa and am dealing with a reputable company. Thank you Michael for being my guardian Angel. He fought for me to establish spa justice he defends the consumer and does an excellent job.
Praise and thanksgiving for Michael.

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