Most Important Considerations

The hot tub buying experience can be a very confusing process. For many buyers, it feels like the more showrooms you visit and the more sales presentations you listen to the more confusing and contradictory it can become. With over 30 years of experience in the hot tub industry ranging from manufacturing to retail, our expert management team has created a comprehensive and impartial guide for understanding hot tubs.

This reference guide will cover all of the important things that you should look for when purchasing a hot tub.  The guide is broken down into parts below for easy reference, however, we would recommend reading all of the sections.

For an overview of how a hot tub is built then reference our “10 Steps in Hot Tub Manufacturing”

For more detailed information and expert advice on purchasing a hot tub, avoiding pitfalls, and finding a quality hot tub at great price in your local area then click on our “buyer’s consult” link above.