Longest Swim Spas for 2024


Looking for the longest or largest swim spa you can find? Look no further.  Our team has scoured the hot tub and swim spa industry to identify the biggest swim spas available.  Keep in mind some of these will have a built in hot tub (dual temp) and some will feature a swim area only.  Also keep in mind that none of these units are shorter than 18′.

Below is a list of manufacturers and their largest swim spa models available for 2024. Our list is updated several times a year to bring you the latest and most comprehensive list.   Depending on the size (mostly length) and features you can find these between $28,000-$50,000 :

  1. American Whirlpool PowerPools
  2. Artesian SpasTidal Fit Exercise Pools and Swim Spas
  3. Cal SpasSwim Pro Swim and Fitness Spas
  4. Catalina SpasCatalina Swim Spas Olympic 400 Series and Catalina 600 Series and Pool 800 Series
    • Olympic 400 Series 18′ and 20′ Marathon Dual Temp
    • Olympic 400 Series 21′ Dual temp
    • Catalina 600 Series 18′ and 20′ Catalina Dual Temp
    • Catalina 800 Series 21′ Pool
  5. Dynasty SpasPro Dual 19′ Swim Spa
  6. Endless Pools Endless Pool Swim Spas
    • E2000 – Endless Pools Fitness System
    • X2000 SwimCross Exercise System
  7. Hydropool Hot TubsHydropool Swim Spas 
    • AquaSport 19′ DTfX
    • AquaTrainer 19′ DTfX
    • Executive Sport 19′ Ex
    • Executive Trainer 19′ Ex
  8. Integrity SpasDual Zone Swim Spa Hot Tubs
    • 19′ Oceanside Swim Spas Hot Tub
    • 19′ Blue Lagoon Swim Spa Hot Tub
    • 19.5′ Aruba Swim Spa Hot Tub
    • 19′ Grand Bahama Dual Zone Swim Spa Hot Tub
    • 19′ Grand Cayman Dual Zone Swim Spa Hot Tub
    • 19′ Grand Cayman Extreme Dual Zone Swim Spa Hot Tub (62″ tall)
    • 25′ Jamaican Extreme Swim Spa Hot Tub (61″ tall)
  9. Passion Spas – Sport and Fitness Collection
    • Swimspa Vitality 23′
    • Swimspa Vitality Deep 23′ (60″ tall)
    • Swimspa Energy 23′
    • Swimspa Energy Deep 23′
    • Swimspa Dynamic 50″ (19′ length)
    • Swimspa Dynamic 60″ (19′ lengthy)
    • Swimspa Activity 2 50″ (18′ length)
    • Swimspa Acitivty 2 60″ (18′ length)
    • Swimspa Aquatic 2
    • Swimspa Aquatic 3
    • Swimspa Aquatic 3 Deep (61″ tall)
    • Swimspa Aquatic 6 (25′ long and 62 tall”)
  10. PDC SpasPDC Swim Spa Collection
    • TruSwim Propulsion Swim Spa TSX219
    • Summit Premium Jetted Swim Spas SX219
    • Synergy Jetted Swim Spa FX219
  11. Premium Leisure SpasSwim Spa Models
    • AQ19 and AQX19  “Swimmer 19 Swim Spas”
    • Swim Spa Dual Zone 18
  12. Master SpasH2X Swim Spas
    • Trainer 19 Jetted Swim Spa
    • Trainer 19D Jetted Swim Spa (60″ tall)
    • Challenger 19D Swim Spa
  13. Master SpasMichael Phelps Swim Spas
    • MP Momentum
    • MP Momentum Deep (60″ tall)
  14. Vita SpasxStream Swim Spas
    • VM8 Dual Temp Swim Spa
  15. Coast Spas – Swim Collection
    • 21VE or 2100 Vanishing Edge
  16. Wellis SpasSwimLine Swim Spas
  17. Jacuzzi Hot TubsAll Season Pools

In summary, the Catalina 21′ Pool is the largest, pool only, swim spa available on the market and the Passion Spas Swimspa Vitality 23′ is the largest swim spa and hot tub combo unit available on the market.

For more information you can visit our brands pages, buyers guides, or simply fill out our “Free Local Hot Tub Quotes” form to get competitive prices on hot tubs and swim spas in your local area. You can also click our “Swim Spa Buyer’s Consult” link above to get one on one expert advice on the best swim spas available in your area.

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