Royal Swim Spa 15′

When it comes to swim spas (a.k.a. swim in place spas) there’s plenty of manufacturers and models to choose from. Some of the larger swim spas brands offer as many as 15 models in different sizes (lengths and heights) and configurations but the most popular size remains around 14-15′.

One of our favorite models is the Royal Swim Spas 15′. In fact, it appears to be the only model they make but they certainly nailed it on the length, width, and shell configuration. Not surprising, the company goes as far as claiming it’s the most “perfectly engineered swim spa concept”. The overall length of the Royal Swim Spa 15′ is 180″ (L) x 94″ (W) x 50.5″ (H). The length at 180″ really provides for an adequate swimming experience for the tallest of people and the 94″ width is about 2-3″ wider than most swim spas on the market and provides just a little more wiggle room for any swim stroke (think butterfly). The other very appealing and very important characteristic about the Royal Swim Spa 15′ is the shell configuration featuring a grand staircase at one end of the swim spa. This is very nice because it provides an easy way of getting in and out of the swim spa from both the end of the unit (94″ side) or the side of the unit (180″ side). The staircase also double as a seating area for resting or taking breaks. Most swim spa manufacturers put therapy seats (and jets) in lieu of a staircase to create more value for the buyer so that it doubles as a therapy spa, however, it’s not very practical nor convenient to make big temperature fluctuations in a swim spa because it’s 2000 gallons of water. Swim temp is about 80-90 and hot tub temp is 100-104 and the swing to move it up or down can take many hours depending on the time of year and can be costly if you’re doing it often. We like the shell design with the steps because its more practical in a single temp swim spa. If you want the ability to have a hot tub and swim spa in one then you might buy a hot tub separately or consider a dual temperature swim spa.

The Royal Swim Spa utilizes a jetted swim current. It comes equipped with 6 stacked swim jets and three jet pumps for optimal flow and performance. The unit is priced on the Royal Spas website for $18,500 plus options/upgrades which is moderately priced for a swim spa that size. The price range for a 14′ swim spa is between about $15,000 – $22,000 depending on the swim current system (jets versus propeller current).

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