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Brand Overview

Catalina Spas opened in 1978, and then was purchased in 1985 by Curtis Swim Spas, who kept the Catalina Spas name.  They take pride in paying particular attention to the design, elegance and style of their swim spas and hot tubs and say they make the world’s most beautiful spas.  Today Catalina Spas is owned by LPI Manufacturing out of Tennessee. 

Catalina Spas is an industry leader in cutting-edge technology and high-quality fitness and exercise equipment, offering state-of-the-art construction and functionality for many years of carefree performance, even with daily use.  

They have ten hot tub models with many optional features, including turbocharged air jet system, LED Jet Light Package, subwoofer and cabinet accent lighting (with the LED Jet Light Package).  Shell color choices include stylish blue topaz, oyster pearl, lapis and tourmaline.  A Bluetooth-enabled speaker system, innovative massage seats and the soothing sounds of a spill-over waterfall will greatly enhance the ultimate relaxation experience. 

Custom spa features available include an adjustable misting system, pressure-adjustable jets, Bluetooth wireless technology, LED lighting, water features, pro-pole and exercise equipment that attach to the swim spa’s edge.                                

Catalina Spa’s innovative Recliner Chair Swing (7′ x 7′ x 7′) seats two, and boasts a reclining foot rest, 1500-watt 3-stage heater, LED lights and four-function electronic mosquito and bug deterrent that keeps bugs up to 40 feet away, and an acrylic water-resistant Umbrella.

Catalina Spas are currently manufactured in Tennessee (LPI, Inc.) and also available in the United Kingdom, France and Norway.

Additional brands/lines include:  Pool Series Swim Spas, Fitness Series Swim Spas, Catalina Series Swim Spas, Olympic Series Swim Spas,  Dr. Wellness Spas, Signature Spas, Tranquility Series Spas, Lifestyle Series Spas, Swim & Exercise Spas, Water’s Edge Spas, Atera Spas, Hudson Bay Spas, Pinnacle Spas, Home and Garden Spas, American Select Spas

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Catalina Spas
Average rating:  
 6 reviews
 by Regular Guy
No Warranty

Purchased used. Was 1.5 years old. Mushroom sprinkler broke. Called company and warranty is not transferable. Nothing in the manual about this. They sent a "new" manual and there it is warranty not transferable. Not a consumer friendly company. Avoid.

 by Ed

I need to replace two O rings on the circulator pumps on my Catalina Armstrong spa. A part that would need occasional replacement. However Catalina doesn't have them as a replacement part. The best information I could get from them after several days of attempting to speak with someone other than the Operator, was to Goggle the pump, which also had no results as to the Name on the pump. As others have mentioned their Customer service is absolutely pathetic.
I would recommend an inflatable soft side spa before I would buy any product from this company. Their actual star rating should be a minus 5.

 by Chris
Terrible customer service

I'm 44 years old, this place has the worst customer service that I have ever experienced... I bought a $12,000 hot tub, initially they delivered the wrong spa, luckily it was the wrong size and color so I noticed before they got it off the truck, mine is missing a jet, cracked on the outside, cracked on the tub, the plumbing didn't hold, and bluetooth was intermittent... it won't hold water... this company just says they'll call back and never does... Their queuing system for customer service is reminiscent of the 80's, I have personally sat in hold over 8 hours with this company, once they called me and put me on hold for 4 hours... that was super special. I am probably going to be forced to pursue a legal remedy. A call to the Tennessee Attorney General is definitely warranted

 by Canadian Technician
Business without service nor support

I’ve known for quite a few years now that the parts and components of their hot tubs were nearly impossible to acquire but I decided to try my luck and shoot them an email, after unsuccessful attempts at calling them. I disregarded what almost everybody in the field does in the field around here and just tell the customers right away to look elsewhere but I was determined in helping out one of my customers and also establishing a business relationship as to grow our available parts, yet... yet it has been over 2 months and even after I sent a follow up email I’ve never ever gotten a reply.
The technical services line never picks up the damn phone. I’ll try once more in the following weeks and even attempt going through their sales line to make sure that my case is being looked into but simply put; hell of a bad service. Got a hot tub to purchase? Look elsewhere, even if it’s a crap quality spa, at least someone will be able to find the parts to repair it or order replacements for you!
Would be 0 stars or negative if I could

 by Charles Duran

I ordered my tub and waited 6 months for it arrive. Three main components of the tub didn’t work upon start up. I reported the issue to LPI and three months later my tub still doesn’t work. How is it possible to have a custom order tub arrive with so many problems? Almost like Catalina just threw this one together and shipped it out without testing it. Highly disappointed…. BUYER BEWARE

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