Swim Spa Accessories

Looking to outfit your new swim spa (a.k.a swim in place pools) with latest and greatest equipment and accessories? We’ve come up with the best ways to add to your swim spa and make it more fun and enjoyable.

  • Swim Spa Aquatic Exercise Bike – Underwater exercise bikes are typically made of stainless steel or other non-rusting material. They are weighted so they can rest on the swim spa floor. Stationary aquabikes are a great personal fitness tool for training, rehabilitation, or weight loss. There are several companies offering underwater stationary bikes. One of which is the Hydrorider Easy Line Aquabike. They even offer a training course for those looking to master and maximize usage. Another company offering an entire line up of nice aquatic bikes is Aquacreek Products.
underwater aquatic bike
Underwater Exercise Bike
  • Swim Spas Aquatic Treadmill – Underwater treadmills have been popular in pools for many years and they are gaining popularity amongst swim spa owners looking to add new ways to utilize their swim spas. The buoyancy of the water provides for a low impact environment for the user to either walk or run. There are two types of underwater treadmills available. One is a hydraulic system using a motor to move the treadmill belt and the other is a manual system that requires the user to move the belt. Endless Pools Innovations Underwater Treadmills (video below) are one of the nicer more robust aquatic treadmills that utilizes a hydraulic system (and motor) and is designed specifically for a swim spa. The system comes with a waterproof remote control that allows the user to control the speed between 0-5 MPH. The other type of treadmill is a manual treadmill. The AquaCreek AquaJogg treadmill is lightweight and compact making it easy to place or remove from your swim spas. Also, the HydroRider Easy Line AquaTreadmill is another manual treadmill that is lightweight (68 lbs) and foldable making it an excellent choice for a swim spa.
Hydraulic Swim Spa Treadmill
  • Swim Spa Covers – Most swim spas typically come with a standard vinyl covered, styrofoam cover which is two pieces and seams in the middle with a Velcro flap. They can be awkward and difficult to remove and put back on the swim spa and will eventually waterlog over time making them even more difficult to manage. There are several aftermarket swim covers offered thru dealers or consumer-direct. There three covers in particular that are worth mentioning that can be ordered in custom length based on the size of your swim spa. The first is the Smartop Swim Spa which a rigid, durable, and long-lasting cover that is easy to use. The second cover is the End-2-End Swim Spa Rollup Cover. This cover is a one-piece rolling cover that is very easy to roll on and off the swim spa. The third cover is the Axis Cover System which is very similar in design to the End 2 End.
rollup swim spa cover
Rolling Swim Spa Cover
  • Swim Spa Safetysafety rails and handrails are a great accessory for any swim spa and a must have for others who simply cannot get in and out without assistance. There are a variety of mounting styles and designs. We would suggest the swiveling type that can be faced into the swim spa for those getting out and can be faced out for people getting into the swim spa. Leisure Concepts offers a nice variety of rails.
Safety Rail for Swim Spas or Hot Tubs
  • Swim Spa Handicap Lifts – Many people who purchase residential swim spas are buying them for rehabilitation purposes and given that most swim spas are 48″-60″ tall it can be very challenging to get in an out especially individuals with severe mobility issues. There are several companies out there that specialize in providing solution for accessibility. One of which is Aquacreek Products. They have a full line of pool and spa lifts for individuals with mobility issues that are American Disability Association (ADA) compliant). One model worth considering is the Spa Lift Elite.
Pool and Spa Access Lift
  • Swim Spa Steps – Almost all swim spas that are above-ground stand between 48″-60″ tall which is obviously way to high to step into. Most swim spa owners purchase steps or build some sort of custom platform that allows them to easily enter and exit the swim spa from one side. Leisure Concepts provides the best selection of swim spa steps on the market. Some steps come with built-in handrails for safety as well. In particular, the new Leisure Concepts ModStep line is great for swim spas. There are four variations as they are an expandable, modular design. The ModStep 3, ModStep 4, and expandable ModStep 4 are the most suited for swim spas.
hot tub modstep
ModStep for Swim Spas
  • Swim Spa Trampoline – Aquatic trampolines are one of the most novel pieces of equipment that can be used in a swim spas because they are great for rehabilitation, exercise, or good old family fun. Aquacreek Products offers both a round model or hexagon model that is also available with an optional handrail.
  • Swim Spa Rowing Bars and Resistance Bands – I have to admit these are more useless than anything else especially the rowing bars as they aren’t a great design. The stretch cords or resistance bands are actually decent and can provide some benefit.
  • Swim Spa Hi-Tech Goggles – If you’re looking to track your swimming performance and metrics while using your swim spa then these high tech swim goggles by FORM are a must.
  • Swim Spa Mirror – The SwimMirror is a great tool for those looking to improve their swim technique.

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