The Best Swim Spa Cover on the Market – The “End 2 End Cover”

A swim spa cover is important for controling energy costs, and to protect the spa from external debris and potential contaminants. Traditional spa covers are made with a foam core, and foam is absorbent. As the foam takes on moisture from seepage and condensation from the heated water rising under a cold closed cover, the cover becomes heavy and difficult to handle. When the fabric or material that is typically used to cover a foam core is exposed to the sun’s UV rays on a daily basis, it becomes weak and vulnerable to tearing or being punctured.

The End 2 End Swim Spa Cover Locks In Heat and Keeps Out Moisture. Its revolutionary, one-piece End 2 End Swim Spa cover is designed to completely seal the top of a swim spa or swimming pool, which completely locks in the heat. Its state-of-the-art closed-cell foam technology prevents it from absorbing water, so it stays light and easy to manage. In addition, it has a UV-resistant coating that keeps it strong against the elements and new-looking for years.

The End 2 End cover also has a roll-on, roll-off design that makes it easy for a single person to handle. In fact, this exclusive feature makes it possible to roll the cover off a swim spa in less than 60 seconds. It can be rolled in either direction, making it ideal for dual-temperature swim spas. You can roll back the pool side for your daily swim, and then roll back the spa side for relaxing at night. Aside from being extremely easy to take on an off, it requires minimal overhead clearance and gives full visibility on all sides of the swim spa as compared to traditional covers which can be problematic for applications with height restrictions or if you are trying to enjoy views.

Custom made with the highest quality commercial-grade materials, this durable, energy-efficient and lockable safety cover is built to withstand all weather conditions. Its full-frame design makes it able to handle even large loads of snow, and thanks to its UV protected surface, it will not deteriorate from time spent in direct sunlight.

Made in the U.S.A., the End 2 End Swim Spa Cover can be custom made for lengths up to 20 feet, and for any brand or model of swim spa or in-ground swimming pool. It is also available in a range of colors.

Its energy efficiency, durability, safety, special features, ease of use and being practically maintenance-free, the one-piece, super-seal design, and the closed-cell foam technology found exclusively with an End2End Swim Spa Cover, make a convincing case for choosing it over old-school swim spa covers.

End 2 End Swim Spa Cover

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  1. I need a price on a blowup cover for my masters spa HEX trainer 15 feet. Something affordable no thousands of dollars like axis is asking

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