The Toughest Hot Tub Cover on the Market – the “Smartop”

Smartop hot tub spa cover

The Smartop hot tub cover is superior to any other home spa covers because its design solves the major problems spa owners face with their vinyl spa covers. Those problems – absorbing water, mold and odors, difficult to lift, and requiring replacement on a regular basis – are no longer a reality for Smartop cover owners.

Smartop’s cutting-edge engineering, materials and design have eliminated them. This cover is so strong, resilient, durable, and maintenance-free, it will last at least five times longer than a vinyl cover, and may even last the lifetime of your spa.

Smartop’s one-of-a-kind, patent-pending design offers these special features:

An impenetrable structure. Interlocking panels shield the interior insulation from water vapor and run-off, preventing both water absorption and the subsequent buildup of odors and mold. It also improves long-term heat retention. Its super polymer surface is UV-resistant and can withstand extreme weather conditions without needing any treatment or maintenance. The ribbed panel design and aluminum support channels give Smartop a load capacity up to 800 pounds, which can easily withstand ice, snow and much more.

A hydraulic lifter. Smartop’s patent-pending exclusive, EAS Lift & Assist bracket allows the cover to open and close gently and easily. It has two open and close positions that not only make it simple and easy to use, it adds another layer of security. In the open position, the Smartop functions as a wind blocker, and as a privacy screen. Smartop is available with either a cabinet or a deck mount system. The Smartop cover operates easily with just one hand. The hydraulic lifter lets you to open the cover to a fully vertical, locked position.

Owens Corning rigid insulating foam. One of Smartop’s advantages over vinyl covers is its ability to retain heat. Its zero-water retention design and thermal super-seal gaskets also prevent heat loss by creating additional barriers. A vinyl cover will absorb water through its penetrable surface over time, saturating the insulation foam, causing it to lose its insulation value over time and become extremely heavy and hard to open. Smartop is insulated with Owens Corning Foamular Rigid insulating foam, a closed-cell structure designed to retain its integrity over the years.

Rigid Deck Surface. Smartop’s structural integrity comes from its exclusive ribbed panel design and aluminum support channels that give it a load capacity of up to 800 lbs., allowing it to easily support snow and ice, and much more. In addition, rubber impact-resistant corners, create a finished designer look, while adding further protection to the cover.

Steel cable lock system. The locking system and combination padlock provide optimum security by making attempts at unauthorized or unsupervised use futile.

In the rare instance that a component of a Smartop cover has a problem due to an accident or failure, it will be either repaired or replaced. That means Smartop will probably be the last hot tub cover you will ever have to buy.

smartop swim spa
Smartop Swim Spa Cover

Also, for those looking for a longer lasting, easy to operate swim spa cover then consider the Smartop Swim Spa which can be ordered for swim spas up to 20′ long.  The Smartop Swim Spa is available in two versions.  The Smartop Upright for Swim Spas or the Smartop Vanish for Swim Spas.  The “Upright” model holds the covers up higher to create privacy and requires less clearance on the end of the swim spas.  The “Vanish” drops the cover down on the ends of the swim spa creating better visibility for swimmers. 

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  1. I am really disappointed in this covver. After less than 2 years the foam on the inside of the cover started to flake off creating a constant mess .

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