Sport Technology Firm FORM Unveils AR Swim Goggles

Available on August 7th and for a mere $200 you can have the coolest and most high tech swim goggles on the planet. Sports technology firm, FORM, is releasing their new swim goggles that utilize augmented reality to show a swimmers metrics like split time, stroke rate, pace per 100, calories burned, and distance through the goggles lenses (basically a see-thru smart display).

This technology should have meaningful benefits for competitive and elite swimmers looking to best their times and improve performance. We think these will also be popular for use in swim spas as things like distance, pace, etcetera are all things that can be difficult or impossible to track in a swim spa because it acts more like a water treadmill.

There will also be a FORM Swim App available for iPhone and Android smartphones that will allow swimmer to review and share their workouts with peers, coaches, or instructors.

Updating our previous article, FORM Smart Swim Goggles has partnered with Jacuzzi Brands swim spas including Jacuzzi® PowerActive and PowerPro Swim Spas, Hydropool® Swim Spas, ThermoSpas® Fitness Series Swim Spas, and SwimLife Swim Spas. All compatible swim spa models will also have the ability to adjust the speed setting on their swim spa to their connected FORM swim goggles allowing them to see metrics such as distance. 

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