Master Spas Axis Cover System Rolls On and Off With Ease

Master Spas has released it’s new roll on and off cover available on the H2X Swim Spas and Michael Phelps Swim Spas. The new Axis® Cover System takes away the need for coverlifts and bulky two piece covers (foam) that have long been the norm in the swim spa industry. Aside from ease of opening and closing, the other clear advantage of the Axis cover is it’s low clearance as it doesn’t require additional height to flip it open and close like a traditional cover which can require up to four additional feet when you swing one half of it open.  Also, the Axis swim spa cover system won’t block visibility or views like a traditional cover and coverlift might when it’s in its fully open position (see photo below).   The Axis cover is currently available as an upgrade from a traditional foam cover and the cost is not available at this time.  See you local Master Spas swim spa dealer for more details.

If you already have a swim spa or looking for a similar cover for a different brand of swim spa then consider the End-2-End Swim Spa cover which is an aftermarket rollup cover.  The End-2-End Cover can be custom ordered for any swim spa of any size or brand and starts at $3,300 and goes up depending on length.

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rollup swim spa cover

Axis Rolling Swim Spa Covers
Rolling Swim Spa Cover

6 thoughts on “Master Spas Axis Cover System Rolls On and Off With Ease

  1. We have indoor spa and our cover had become so heavy it don’t roll to the end. That happened within a year time. So disappointed with the cover. I would like to see someones spa with this cover.

  2. Thinking getting the Axis Cover System to replace the bi-fold system our Master Spa H2X Trainer 15 came with. Is the Axis Cover System the cover you are so disappointed with?

  3. Don’t waste your money had one replaced after a month the second one is falling apart can’t open my spa up without a second person and when you open it black shavings get all over the spa and is almost like ash.

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