ModStep for Hot Tubs and Swim Spas

Finally, a company has created a versatile new line of hot tub and swim spa steps that can be configured to fit virtually any size portable hot tub or swim spa. You want tall steps you got them…..You want wide steps you got them…….You want a handrail then you got that too! The new Leisure Concepts line of ModSteps can combine two or more sets of steps to create larger profile steps for a hot tub or something as tall and long as a swim spa.

leisure concepts modstep
Modular Hot Tub and Swim Spa Steps

Aside from their flexible design, they are also excellent quality. They are built with a durable powder coated aluminum frame (black), can withstand up to 800lbs of weight, and offer easy assembly. There are currently seven color options to match most hot tub and swim spa cabinets. The ModStep comes in a standard 35″ width and is available in four versions (below) that can be further expanded.

  1. ModStep 2 – 35″ width and 15″ height
  2. ModStep 2XL – At 24″ (L) x 35″ (W) x 15″ (H), the XL offers the largest landing platform of any step in the hot tub industry.
  3. ModStep 3 – 35″ width and 22 3/4″ height
  4. ModStep 4 – 35″ width and 30 1/2″ height

Solar lighting kits that illuminate the treads for added safety are available as are small storage drawers. These two upgrades can be purchased separately or with the steps.

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