Clearwater Spas X-One Hot Tub

Just when we thought we had seen it all with respect to hot tubs design we were WRONG. Even with the breakthrough innovations of the past like removable jet packs, negative edges, and flat screen TVs there was still yet another way of creating a hot tub that defies conventional thinking and Clearwater Spas showed us that this year with the super modern X-One spa.

The X-One has the cleanest, most modern look of any hot tub we’ve ever seen. In fact, from the outside looking in you can’t tell it has any amenities at all. You don’t see jets, suctions, filters, or any other eye sores. All you see is a beautiful shell and simple bench seating configuration (barrier free and void of any obstructions). Hidden in the reverse molded shelves in the hot tub are forty hydrotherapy jets that pack a punch for any bather looking to soak their worries and pain away.

Clearwater Spas X-One

Clearwater X-One Hot Tub Specifications

Seating: 7 people

Overall Size: 92.5″ x 92.5″ x 37.5″

Equipment: 2 x 5.0 hp Hydrotherapy Pumps and 1 x Circulation Pump

Jets: 40 Hydrotherapy Jets

Capacity: 455 gallons

Weight: 800 lbs. dry

The X-One also features the “CLEAR” Water Managment system which is arguably one of the most maintenance free water care systems in the industry.

Clearwater is looking to release the X-One hot tub in 2023 and we are certain that it will catch the eye of many luxury hot tub buyers looking for a modern, therapeutic, and unique hot tub for their backyard.

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Clearwater X-One Hot Tub

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