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Brand Overview


Clearwater first manufactured its spas in 1976 in Woodinville, Washington, with a commitment to excellence.  That commitment continues today from quality control to maintaining their position as a technology leader in the hot tub industry, focusing on energy efficiencies, ergonomic comfort, and environmentally friendly products.  Clearwater’s interlocking Signature RIM (reaction injection molding) cabinets are the most durable in the industry and backed by a 20-year warranty.  With an insulation R-20 value, their RTB (reflective thermal barrier) insulation is 12% more energy efficient and more cost-effective to maintain than spray foam insulation.  It also contains natural salt borates, which repels insects and rodents.


Clearwater Spas’ acrylic shell system is the strongest in the industry with three layers of support plus expanded steel support in heavy traffic areas.  Unlike fiberglass resin shells that emit toxic styrene into the air, Clearwater’s shells emit no V.O.C.’s (volatile organic compounds).  Their new DuraTech™ cabinets provide the rich beauty of wood with long-term color stability and very low maintenance.  User-friendly SpaTouch™ TP950 controls allow easy control of pump speeds, water temperature, mood lighting and self-diagnostics without leaving the hot tub.  Another feature, MicroSilk® Skin Therapy, creates oxygenated micro-bubbles small enough to clean skin’s pores and improve skin quality.  It is available on Beachcraft Series Pearl Island and Tradition models.  Clearwater also offers five 11′ x 11′ and 11′ x 14′ Gazebo models, from the open-air Milano and Verona to the fully enclosed Jasper and Okanagan.


Additional brands/lines include:  Contempo Series Spas, Lite Series Spas, Birch Bay Spas, Resort Series spas, Beachcraft Series Spas, Northwest Series Spas, Evergreen Series Spas, Divine Spas (Costco)

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Clearwater Spas
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 2 reviews
by Casey Ford on Clearwater Spas
We Love Ours!

We've had our Tradition for almost 2 years, and it was the best purchase we've ever made. We haven't had a single problem, and the tub is amazing!!! My wife and I love the calf jets in two of the seats, the seats are formed to our bodies and so comfortable, and this tub has way more jet power than my buddies Dynasty Spa or my other friend's Hot Spring. We have the Ozone and UV water treatment and it's been super easy to maintain the water. We live a cold climate, so our tub came with double insulation and we're paying about $20 a month for power. Oh, and the table with the illuminated pillar is always a conversation starter and is the best when we have friends over and what to open a bottle of champagne in the tub, which our friends are starting to expect now, luckily they're starting to bring the bubbly!

by Britton on Clearwater Spas
get it out of my yard. Now.

been the owner of your spa for about 6 weeks. it blew the breakers after the first 15 minutes. leaking water into the wiring. calls to your chain of command have been futile. it is stinking up the neighborhood like a dead skunk. i want it out of my yard. now.