Clearwater Spas Launches TPS Water Purification System – CLEAR

Looking for an innovative and comprehensive water purification system for your hot tub. Clearwater Spas has the answer with their new Total Purity System which they refer to as “CLEAR”. CLEAR (TPS) is a four-in-one sanitation system for hot tubs that includes all of the following sanitation systems into one;

  1. Copper + Silver Ionization – ionization process whereby positively charged silver and copper ions attach to negatively charged bacteria and destroy them
  2. Clear Balance Conditioner System™ – utilizing magnetic technology, water travels through a magnetic filed that polarizes molecules giving the water a in the hot tub a positive charge. This process binds organic matter together in the hot tub creating larger compounds that can easily be filtered out of the hot tub.
  3. UVC – hot tub water is slowly passed thru a UVC light and the radiation from the light has germicidal properties that disinfect the water
  4. Ozone – produced by an electric discharge or UV light, oxygen (o2) is turned into ozone (o3) which is an unstable, colorless gas that has powerful oxidizing properties. Ozone kills bacteria in the hot tub water.

This unique combination of water purification is unlike anything currently being used in the hot tub industry and has a great deal of appeal for those looking to get away from harsh chemicals.

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