Coast Spas Infinity Collection Review

Looking for a show stopper of a hot tub then look no further than the Coast Spas Infinity Collection of vanishing edge hot tubs and swim spas. There’s no doubt that these luxurious and unique hot tubs are pure eye candy, but are they worth the premium and are they everything that they are cracked up to be?

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the Infinity Collection:


  • Patented infinity edge technology and design that sets this line apart from every other “hot tub” or “swim spa”  in the industry.
  • Largest skimmer in the industry
  • Three different Infinity models to chose from (different shapes and sizes) and the the ability to order them in 2-3 jet counts. The Horizon comes in a VE I 40, VE II 47, or VE II 61 jet versions. The Cascade comes in a VE II 47 or VE II 61 jet version. The Phantom comes in a VE II 47 or VE 61 jet version.
  • Three different Infinity swim spa models that are different sizes (14′, 17′, and 21′).  The 14′ 1400 VE Wellness Swim Spa (33 jets).  The 17′ 1700 VE Wellness Swim Spa (52 jets).  The 21′ 2100 VE Wellness Swim Spa (67 jets).
  • 24” adjustable waterfall along raised back on hot tub model.
  • Raised back design on hot tub model providing privacy from onlookers (Jacuzzi Hot Tubs and Artesian Spas also offer a raised back design)


  • Outside of the negative edge and raised back design there aren’t any meaningful differences between these spas and the other premium spas in the industry.
  • Anytime you run into a patented product or feature you end up paying a premium for repairs and replacement of parts as you are locked into that particular manufacturer and their dealer network to get replacement parts which come at a big premium when compared to other more industry standard parts. In this particular case there at two obvious things that will be more costly if and when they are replaced. The first the the water displacement reservoir located behind the negative edge side of the hot tub. This large plastic tank can be very expensive to replace is it ever were to crack or break (think freeze damage) especially since it is only available through coast spas or one of its dealers. The second thing is the cover as the raised back requires exact precision when making a replacement otherwise you will get a poor fitting cover. Most replacement hot tub cover for these spas are ordered directly from the dealer and at a premium to other aftermarket cover suppliers.

In the end the Coast Spas Infinity Collection of hot tubs and swim spas is a cut above the rest as far as design and any premium associated with owning one of these versus a comparably equipped spa from another luxury brand is well worth it for those looking for something unique and truly different.

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4 thoughts on “Coast Spas Infinity Collection Review

  1. bought the 14 ft coast spa 1400 VE. i’ve owned it for LESS than a year and it has NEVER been fully functional …. not for one day. warped panels, failed jets, the hot tub cover have all spent time being broken or dysfunctional. when the retailer i bought it from contacted COAST SPAS to establish a warranty fix for their VERY poorly constructed side panels, COAST slow played the response and then told the retailers service worker to do a band-aid fix rather than replace the panels (they are trying to blame hot weather for the panel failures… but seriously… they don’t sell tubs in Arizona? give me a break) REMEMBER,… this tub is LESS than a year old and they’re basically saying that if you buy a COAST SPA you are committing yourself to a tub that will NOT operate correctly AND it will look like a crappy above ground pool before it’s a year old. can you tell how i feel about COAST SPAS…?

  2. Same experience here. Spa broke after just over a year. Coast points to the local dealer to repair. Local dealer says Coast won’t cover the cost. Total junk product and scam artists.

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