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Bullfrog Spas is hands down the most uniquely designed and engineered hot tubs in the industry. Bullfrog’s interchangeable Jetpak system and perimeter waterflow system provides a truly customizable hydrotherapy experience coupled with cutting edge design and performance.

Bullfrog Spas can be broken down into 5 distinct collections as well as price points serving every need and budget.

Here’s a breakdown from entry level to luxury for reference. For more detailed hot tub prices fill out our “Free Local Hot Tub Quotes” form to get local prices. Dealer prices for the same spa may vary from dealer to dealer and region to region.

BULLFROG X-SERIES SPAS PRICES AND DESCRIPTION – The Bullfrog X-Series your entry level and conventional hot tub with industry standard best practices for design. In other words, the X-Series spas are built just like the rest. There are 7 models available in various sizes and shapes. All of the models feature the Bullfrog EnduraFrame™ which is a solid wood free spa base. The smaller model in the series come with one jet pump and the larger ones comes with two jet pumps. Jet counts also vary by model and range between 21 – 52 jets. The Bullfrog X-Series spa prices start at $6695 to around $10,000.

BULLFROG R-SERIES SPAS PRICES AND DESCRIPTION – The Bullfrog R-Series spas are mid-level hot tubs and the first series to introduce the interchangeable Jetpak therapy system. There a total of 7 different models in the R-Series which feature anywhere from 2-4 Jetpaks depending on the model. Bullfrog currently offers 18 different Jetpaks and with upwards of 4 seats in each spa the configurations are countless. Also with new jetpak choices coming available from time to time your hot tub will never be outdated. Jetpaks are also designed with as little as 4 jets or updwards of 42 jets targeting different types of muscle groups and massage. Bullfrog R-Series prices start at around $8,000 on up to $14,000.

BULLFROG A-SERIES SPAS PRICES AND DESCRIPTION – The Bullfrog A-Series is high end and extremely customizable collection of hot tubs. The A-Series has 9 different models to choose from and feature anywhere from 3-7 jetpaks depending on the model. The fit, finish, and performance of the A Series make them a focal point in any backyard. You can even add options such as the CloudControl 2™ Wifi Module for remote monitoring of the hot tubs or add the WellSpring™ Quiet Circulation Pump for both quiet and continuous filtration. The Bullfrog Spas A-Series price starts at around $11,000 on up to $20,000 depending on model and options.

BULLFROG STIL SERIES SPAS PRICES AND DESCRIPTION -The STIL Series Spas are a work of art. Modern, contemporary, unique, sleek, ad clean are just a few words that come to mind when describing the STIL Series. There are currently only two models (STIL 5 and STIL 7) available in the collection featuring 3 jetpak. The STILL collection also come standard with touch controls and dedicated WellSpring™ Quiet Circulation Pump. The Bullfrog STIL price range starts at $14,000 and up.

BULLFROG M-SERIES SPAS PRICES AND DESCRIPTION – The Bullfrog M-Series Spas are the flagship models of Bullfrog’s entire offering. They are premium, luxury hot tubs that are meticulously crafted and engineered. The technology, beauty, and performance make them elite not just within Bullfrog but in the whole pool and spa industry. The models come with anywhere from 6-7 jetpaks, nearly making every seat in the hot tub customizable. With a flurry of standard features and excellent water management system there’s not much left to be desired in an M-Series hot tub. The Bullfrog M-Series Spas prices range from $20,000-$25,000 depending on model and options.

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