Hot Tub Cinema and TV Spas – The New Way of Watching Movies

hot tub moviesJust what is hot tub cinema? The idea was started back in 2012 by Asher Charman as an offshoot of outdoor cinema. It’s a unique cinematic experience which entails socializing in hot tubs while a popular movie plays in the background on a large screen. Think of it as similar to a drive-in movie but in a hot tub rather than a car. You can reserve an entire hot tub to share with your closest friends or reserve tickets in pairs and be grouped with others. The event also comes staffed with waiters who will drop by your hot tub throughout the evening to make sure you beverage needs are taken care of.

The other unique part of the experience is the setting which can be a city rooftop, old train station, abandoned warehouse, or beachfront hotel. The events have also taken on themes like Halloween, Christmas, or 4th of July. In most cases it’s a full evening affair as movie-goers have the opportunity to hang around after the screening for a party equipped with a DJ, live music, food, and refreshments. Since the inception, Hot Tub Cinema events have been held all over the world in places like London, New York, Los Angeles, and Sydney.

If you haven’t tried it then it’s a must! What could be more relaxing and fun than spending an evening sitting around in a hot tub with good friends, beverages, and a great flick? If you would like more information then you can visit their website at or Hot Tub Cinema Facebook page.

For our residential hot tub customers looking for cinematic hot tub experience in the comforts of your own home then consider a TV Spa. Priced between $7000-12000, TV spas or TV hot tubs are the ultimate in luxury hot tubs and feature motorized or fixed LCD TVs that are built into the hot tub and accessible with a push of a button. You can watch TV or movies as the units come with a built in DVD player or hard drive input. While TV spas are the most technologically advanced hot tubs on the market it is important to note that they are also the most fickle as water combined with integrated electronics don’t mix well. If you’re looking for reliability then consider the third option on the list below as it is an external TV that attaches to the hot tub but can be removed and stored for safekeeping as well as enhanced durability. For even more flexibility, consider a SunBrite TV. The company offers a full line of outdoor TVs that can be placed near a hot tub for viewing and can be easily relocated to another part of the backyard for outdoor viewing.TV Spa TV Hot Tub

TV Spas are available from the following hot tub manufacturers:

1. Coast Spas – offer retractable TVs in their “Media Spas” line
2. Integrity Spas – offer retractable TVs up to 42” screen size in their “Ultimate Line TV Spas”…. The Big Kahuna TV Spa is a popular model
3. Hotspring Spas – as part of their entertainment systems offerings, Hotspring Spas sells an external 22”display that is capable of streaming movies and TV via WiFi
4.  SunBrite Outdoor TVs –  SunBrite offers three series of outdoor all-weather TVs which can stream entertainment and movies anywhere in your backyard. The Veranda Series ranges in size from 43″ to 75″ and is designed for fully shaded areas.  The Signature Series outdoor TV range in size from 43″ to 75″ and are designed for partial sun exposure.  Finally the SunBrite Pro Series ranges in size from 32″ to 55″ and are designed for full sun exposure (direct sun tolerant).

For more information on how to research and compare hot tubs before purchasing please visit our hot tub buyer’s guide pages. You can also click on the pink boxes at the top right of every page to get a free local quotes from dealers in your area.

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