Wellis Hot Tubs LifeLine Series – Deluxe and Premium

Get ready to be blown away by the latest innovation from Wellis Spas! The brand new Wellis LifeLine hot tubs perfectly combines energy efficiency with trendy and chic aesthetics, making luxury greener than ever before.

Wellis Hot Tubs LifeLine Hot Tubs

The new generation of Wellis hot tubs boasts a completely new design and insulation system that uses up to half the energy consumption of previous energy-saving versions. But that’s not all – every product in the line is manufactured with sustainability and environmentally friendly technologies in mind. With 61 patents and their own innovations, including energy efficiency, the Wellis development engineers have thought of almost everything to make these spas the ultimate in performance, luxury, and eco-friendliness.

Wellis Life Series Hot Tubs
Wellis LifeLine

The “Life” series includes the LifeLine Deluxe models and LifeLine Premium models, which feature a new Scandinavian insulation and a concealed heat pump for the most energy-efficient performance possible. The external heat pump system (concealed in the external steps) absorbs heat from the surrounding air and dissipates it in the hot tub water, or vice versa, heating or cooling the pool water as desired. And by combining the power of two traditional jet pump motors, energy consumption during use has been radically improved. It’s truly amazing that the Wellis development team was able to cut the energy consumption of the company’s best-performing spa currently on the market by 50%, with a daily consumption of only 8 kWh.

But that’s not all – the newly innovative and technologically advanced OZMIX system (ozone mixing) has also improved the sanitation efficacy of the hot tub, making the new generation, LifeLine spas 20 percent more efficient than previous models without mixing chambers. And durability tests have shown that OZMIX kills more bacteria than any other water management system on the market.

As if the incredible energy efficiency and innovative technology of the new Wellis LifeLine weren’t impressive enough, the development team has also outdone themselves in the design department. The side panels and massage jets have been redesigned to give the spa an ultra-modern look that will make it a true standout piece in any home. With the rise of home health and wellness experiences, the Wellis Life Series is perfectly positioned to be at the forefront of global home therapy trends. And throughout it all, the team has remained committed to sustainability, ensuring that luxury and green living can finally coexist in perfect harmony.

Wellis LifeLine Massage Jets

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