Why Choose a Wellis Hot Tub Over Other Hot Tub Brands

If you’re in the market for a hot tub, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the myriad of options available. It’s essential to choose a brand that not only offers the best in hot tub manufacturing but also focuses on delivering a superior user experience. Wellis Spas is a company dedicated to precisely that, providing consumers with top-of-the-line hot tubs and cutting-edge technology. In this extended article, we will delve deeper into why Wellis Hot Tubs stand out, their benefits, options, features, and how they prioritize energy efficiency to create a truly satisfying experience for their customers.

The Allure of Wellis Hot Tub

Wellis Hot Tubs boast numerous advantages, setting them apart from other hot tub brands. One crucial factor is that they specialize exclusively in hot tubs and swim spas, enabling them to incorporate the latest innovations and patented technologies to promote health, wellness, performance, and safety effectively.

Hydrotherapy and Hydromassage for Ultimate Relaxation

Wellis Hot Tubs offer an exceptional hydrotherapy experience, combining heat, buoyancy, and massage to provide profound relaxation. This unique blend not only helps ease muscle tension but also reduces joint pressure, making it particularly beneficial for those suffering from arthritis or chronic pain.

Better Circulation

Regularly soaking in the hot waters of a Wellis Hot Tub dilates blood vessels allowing for better blood flow throughout the body which has positive psychological and physiological affects.

Enhanced Mobility and Flexibility

The therapeutic properties of a Wellis hot tub extend to improved mobility. Regular soaking can alleviate joint pressure and help individuals move more freely. Soaking daily can have cumulative benefits, leading to increased mobility even outside the hot tub reducing risk of injury.

Improved Sleep

Even a quick 15 minute soak in a Wellis hot tub can work wonders for your sleep quality. By helping you relax before bedtime, these hot tubs promote a restful night’s sleep.

Exploring Wellis Hot Tubs Diverse Models and Options

Wellis Spas take pride in their commitment to providing customers with a truly tailored hot tub experience and broad selection. With four distinct product lines to choose from, each featuring various sizes and designs, you can easily find the perfect hot tub that fits your needs, preferences, and budget. The four distinct lines include MyLine, CityLine, PeakLine, and LifeLine hot tubs. Some of the popular Wellis models include the Orion, Taurus, London, Mont Blanc, Teide Life, and Kilimanjaro Life hot tubs.

The pricing for these hot tubs varies depending on the features and capabilities they offer. MyLine hot tubs typically range from $8000 to $13000, CityLine hot tub models retail for around $14,000. PeakLine hot tubs from range from $16000 to $22,000. Finally, the more comprehensive, LifeLine hot tubs can retails between $8000 to $25,000 and above for swim spas.

Innovative Features that Set Wellis Hot Tubs Apart

The success of a hot tub manufacturer lies in its ability to offer exceptional quality, features, performance, and service to its customers. Wellis Hot Tub excels in this regard with their patented technology and innovation.  Every hot tub is designed to provide a superior hot tub experience. Some of the innovative features include;

  1. Infinity Jet – 7” rotational jet that massages a large surface area of the body and draws a figure eight as it rotates
  2. WOW Water Diverter System – An electronic water diverter system that gradually moves water from one area of the tub to another creating a unique massage experience.
  3. Evenlight Jets – Illuminated jets that not just light up the jets themselves but the area around them providing the best ambience and chromatherapy LED lighting experience on the market.
  4. 6 Unique Massage Configurations – Each seat in a Wellis Hot Tub is meticulously designed with preconfigured jet types and locations so that certain muscle groups in the body are targeted.
    1. Relax Massage Seat – targets shoulder girdle, trunk muscles, hip flexor, and knee extensor muscles
    1. Expert Massage Seat – adjustable jets for both strength and direction for a customizable hydrotherapy massage experience
    1. Cool Down Massage Seat – comfortable design for relaxation and recovery after workout
    1. Focus Massage Seat – similar to the expert seat the focus seat offers massage for trunk muscle tissues, hip, thigh flexor and extensor muscles.
    1. Body Flow Massage Seat – trunk muscle massage and positive impact on venous and lymphatic circulation in lower extremities
    1. Intenso Massage Seat –  with a  focus on back and leg muscles this is a great seat for post workout recovery
  5. In-Line WIS – built-in water quality monitoring systems that recommends chemicals and dosages to maintain proper water chemistry. The system can be remotely monitored with an app that you can download to your smartphone

In addition to their exceptional therapeutic benefits, Wellis Hot Tub offer a range of other impressive features, such as wireless remote control and diagnostics, entertainment systems, efficient filtration systems, and water management systems.

Energy Efficiency for Sustainable Relaxation

Before purchasing a hot tub, it’s crucial to consider the ongoing cost of electricity to power it. Every hot tub has a fixed cost to purchase it and then ongoing costs to keep it running. A poorly insulated or energy-inefficient hot tub can lead to substantial monthly electricity bills. However, Wellis Hot Tubs has taken significant steps to reduce their environmental impact by designing their hot tubs and spas to be as energy-efficient as possible. All their models comply with California Energy laws, ensuring they remain energy-efficient no matter where they are used. Some of the energy-saving features offered by Wellis include;

  1. Smart-In Step System – Heat pump system that dramatically improved energy efficiency.
  2. Scandinavian Insulation – Installation of 1.4” polyfoam boards that are removable throughout the spa’s framework
  3. Eco Circulation Pump – smaller, energy efficient pump dedicated purely to the circulation, filtration, heating, and sanitation of hot tub water

Comprehensive Range of Hot Tub Products and Accessories

Wellis Hot Tub understands that customer satisfaction goes beyond just offering excellent hot tubs. They recognize the importance of providing a diverse range of accessories and options to personalize the hot tub experience according to individual preferences. Wellis Hot Tub ensures you have everything you need to maintain and enhance your hot tub for years to come. Some of the available accessories include hot tubs covers, coverlifters, steps, spa care chemicals, and safety rails.

Choosing a Wellis hot tub offers countless benefits, including best-in-class technology, innovative features, and a wide array of options to cater to your individual preferences. Wellis Hot Tubs commitment to energy efficiency ensures that your relaxation and wellness go hand in hand with sustainability. Whether you’re looking to alleviate muscle tension, improve mobility, enhance your sleep, or simply indulge in a luxurious spa experience, Wellis Hot Tubs has the perfect hot tub to fulfill your desires.

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