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Company Overview

Since it’s inception in 2003, Wellis Spas has recognized the demand for quality products in the European markets and made strides to position themselves to capitalize on that consumer demand. Based in Hungary, Wellis has been one of the fastest growing hot tub manufactures in Europe over the last decade and the more recent investments they’ve made in their manufacturing facility and cutting edge production techniques  has put them in a nice position for even more unprecedented growth. With over 300 employees and capacity for more production the company has expanded into the United States.  Their mostly automated manufacturing process using robots gives them efficiency and ensures consistency and quality in every single hot tub they manufacturer.  This highly automated process also cuts down on costs which allows them to pass the savings on to their dealers and ultimately consumers of their products.

Wellis also manufactures the Bueno Spa or BuenoSpa line of hot tubs sold thru online retailers and mass merchants which include features such as the “Poli-Max Hot Tub Shell” and “WPS Cabinet Frame” which uses a polymer frame instead of wood.

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Wellis Spas
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 4 reviews
 by Mike
Wellis = build quality & energy efficiency

I love my Wellis Spa. Top of the line Monte Rosa with amazing build quality - built in Europe and more energy efficient as well due to the Scandinavian insultation and thick winter cover. Super powerful, a ton of jets, and I found it better than comparable models from Bullfrog, Hot Springs, Caldera and Artesian.

Zero issues and super reliable!!!!

The guy below is just incorrect - my electrician & permitting had ZERO issues - and the Wellis tubs that come to the US are MADE FOR THE US.

 by Jared Clarke
Not made for America

ALL GROUNDING WIRES in these spas are a #12 gauge, braided insulated copper wire. For North America Electrical Code tub to pass any electrical inspection the tubs must have a solid #8 copper bonding wire installed. Many times at the cost to the home owner and electrical contractor. Rewiring a bot tub you sold someone in there city that wont pass electrical inspection. Know what you're building and what the expected codes are for where you plan on selling your product. Maybe great in Europe but NOT BUILT FOR AMERICA.

 by Mike Connely
Awesome build quality

The guy below me clearly just had a bad experience with his Dealer - any good Wellis dealer would have replaced that tub immediately!

Bottom Line: Wellis is built in the EU and they're just built to a higher standard than their US competitors, many of whom are moving manufacturing to Mexico & China.

I love my London model. I've had 0 issues since purchase and it's super reliable! Powerful jets, easy to use touchpad - UV sanitation - great tub for a reasonable price!

 by Tony Parsons

I have a berlin model and find it garbage. The lights require you to push the on icon eleven times to get them to finally stay on more than three seconds, then the go off randomly. The wobbler jets last about thirty hours before you find little c clips in the bottom of the spa and realize one of you jets no longer wobble. The fancy touch
pad locks up requiring you to wipe it clean, after about ten times it locks solid reqiring a power cycle. Contacting support is impossible. blue tooth connection is a fight using an iphone. This thing is junk. I will gladly provide video or pictures to anyone who would like to confirm. Do not buy!,,,

Tony Parsons, displeased 719 433 318