Best Hot Tubs of 2020

2020 is ushering in some new and cool hot tubs for consumers to salivate over. Similar to last year, the portion of the market with the most growth seems to be at the luxury or high-end level. In this article we will explore new hot tub models for 2020 and some best selling hot tub models by manufacturer.

1. Hotspring Spas – Owned by Watkins Wellness brands, Hotspring Spas continues to be one of the biggest and top performing hot tub brands in the world.
Best Selling Model – Envoy
New Models for 2020 Hot Spot Collection Redesigned

2. Jacuzzi Hot Tubs – The most recognized hot tub brand in the industry and the only brand synonymous with hot tub. To most people a “hot tub” is a Jacuzzi and Jacuzzi is a “hot tub”. Jacuzzi has not only done a good job in pioneering the industry they have continued to maintain their position as a leader for over 50 years.
Best Selling Model – J-365
New Models for 2020Vibe Collection Spas – Rectangle and Square, Jacuzzi Swim Spa Collection – PowerPro Swim Spa and PowerActive Swim Spa

3. Sundance Spas – Sundance Spas, now part of Jacuzzi Brands, has been associated with quality construction and design since 1979.
Best Selling Models – Optima / Cameo
New Models for 2020Splash Series Spas – Rectangle and Square

4. Caldera Spas Owned by Watkins Wellness (who also owns Hotsprings Spas and Freeflow Spas), Caldera has always been known for its comfort, energy efficiency, and quality.
Best Selling Model – Geneva
New Models for 2020

5. Bullfrog Spas – This hot tub brand is anything but conventional. In 1996 Bullfrog Spas broke the mold in hot tub engineering and design with their unique interchangeable jet pack system and 100% wood-free construction. Furthermore, Bullfrog spas have less than half of the plumbing found in a traditional hot tub while delivering more power through the jets and greater overall efficiency.
Best Selling Model – A Series A7L
New Models for 2020 – M Series Spas which includes the Bullfrog Spas M7, Bullfrog Spas M8, and Bullfrog Spas M9

6. Artesian Spas – this brand is quietly taking market share and securing its position among the Top 10 Hot Tub Brands. Artesian Spas builds five distinct lines (Garden, South Seas, Island, Artesian Elite, and TidalFit Swim Spas) of hot tubs and swim spas catering to every niche and price point. Be it size, budget, shape, or style Artesian offers something for everyone including a robust swim spa line.
Best Selling Model – Antigua
New Models for 2020 – Artesian Elite Spas (Eagle Crest, Quail Ridge, Piper Glen, Dove Canyon, Pelican Bay)

7. American Whirlpool Spas (formerly Maax Spas)– Superior quality, innovation, and design have always been the hallmarks of the Maax manufacturing since 1969. Maax Spas caters to all buyers in the market with its two distinct brands (Vita Spas, American Whirlpool) including a swim spa line (PowerPool).
Best Selling Model – American Whirlpool 471
New Models for 2020 –

8. Dimension One Spas – An industry leader in manufacturing and design since 1977, Dimension One (now a part of Jacuzzi Brands) has remained a big player in the middle to high-end hot tub market. D1 was the first to launch many innovations in the hot tub industry like ozone, water features, and curved shapes and continues to successfully build some of the best luxury hot tubs.
Best Selling Model – @ Home Series – Meridian, Bay Collection – Amore Bay,  Reflections Collection – Executive
New Models for 2020

9. Dynasty Spas – A perfect combination of sizzle and performance, Dynasty Spas put the spa in inSPAration. Since 1995 Dynasty spas has gained market share year after year with their value driven hot tubs. Feature rich and eye catching curb appeal make these hot tubs a cut above the rest.
Best Selling Model – Allure L848/ Passport L742
New Models for 2020

10. Marquis Spas – Employee owned and quality driven, Marquis Spas has remained committed to manufacturing hot tubs with the highest standards in the industry. With 5 distinct lines, Marquis Spa covers all shapes, sizes, and budgets.
Best Selling Model – Spirit / Resort
New Models for 2020Marquis Spas Crown Collection – Crown Summit, Crown Resort, Crown Spirit

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