Jacuzzi PowerPro® Swim Spas and PowerActive® Swim Spas Reviewed

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs is rolling into 2020 with a full head of steam with the introduction of several new hot tub and swim spa collections. It’s nice to see this level of innovation and implementation given what’s happening around the world with the Coronavirus pandemic.

The most exciting revelation is the Jacuzzi® Swim Spa Collection which has been much awaited by Jacuzzi dealers and loyal patrons that have owned one or more Jacuzzi Hot Tubs over the years and are committed to the brand. And, in Jacuzzi form, they waited to do it but none-the-less they did it right. Jacuzzi’s new swim spa offering comes as a result of their recent acquisition of Hydropool Hot Tubs and Swim Spas which has been offering swim spas for decades and have had a symbiotic relationship with Jacuzzi Hot Tub dealers looking to take a bite out of the profitable and flourishing swim spa market. The relationship HydroPool Swim Spas has had complementing the Jacuzzi hot tub line with a premium swim spa made them a prime candidate to be acquired by Jacuzzi Brands.

The new Jacuzzi Swim Spa Collection includes two PowerPro Swim Spa model and two PowerActive Swim Spa models. The PowerPro is available in a 16′ (actually 15.5′) and 19′ (actually 18.5′) and the PowerActive is available in 16′ and 19′ as well. These models are also referred to as the J-16™ and J-19™. Jacuzzi also offers a more entry level model called the Jacuzzi PowerPlay (J-13 PowerPlay).

The PowerPro Swim Spa models are the more elite models with a nicer swim jet system (PowerPro® DX Swim Blades) along with features like a WaterWatch that tracks swim metrics, buoyancy jet, soft stride mat on the floor and steps for comfort and traction, and PowerPro Swim Selector controls (touchscreen to select swim current).

The PowerActive Swim Spa models feature the PowerPro® AX Jet (2) which is a more oval swim jet design along with a SteadySwim™ Jet for buoyancy and proper body positioning.

The Jacuzzi Swim Collection is sure to make a splash and take an immediate bite out of the swim spa market as the brands dominance continues to grow with a more complete offering.

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