Hot Spring Spas Redesigns Hot Spot Spas Collection for 2020

Hot tub manufacturing giant Hot Spring Spas (Watkins Wellness) has redesigned its entire Hot Spot Collection of spas both inside and out for 2020. The Hot Spot series was originally spurred out the 2008 recession because the need for an entry level, value packaged hot tub line was essential in the overall Hot Spring line up of spas. At that time it was just the Hot Spring Highlife Spas Series and Limelight Hot Tubs series. The addition of the Hot Spot Spas series was probably one of the best things Hot Springs ever did as it kept them competitive in the industry and allowed for a nice progression into their mid and higher end series.

The Hot Spot line has certainly evolved over the last decade with new models added and new features. The 2020 Hot Spot series updates are a nice leap in many respects. The new interior molds feature cleaner lines and more comfortable seating. Some models have an increased jet count as well as more variety of jets. The new exteriors showcase new corner accents, new cabinets, and trendy colors which make them a centerpiece in any backyard or landscape.

The 2020 Hot Spot Collection Includes:

1. Hot Spot Rhythm – Seven footer with seating for 7 people. Open seat configuration for optimal seating.

2. Hot Spot Relay – Seven footer spa with seating for 6 adults. Single lounger and five seats.

3. Hot Spot Pace – Just shy of seven foot square, the Pace has seating for 5 and features dual loungers and three seats.

4. Hot Spot Stride – Small, compact hot tub with a single lounger and two bucket seats. Fits 3 people.

5. Hot Spot SX – Unique seating configuration for 3 people. Spa measures 6.5′ x 6′.

6. Hot Spot TX – Triangular hot tub with seating for 2. Corner shape fits nicely on any corner of a deck or patio.

The Hot Spot Pace, Stride, SX, and TX are all 115 volt “plug and play” electrical or can be hardwired to run on 230 volt.

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