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Brand Overview

Artesian Spas (aka May Manufacturing) founding partners have over 100 years of combined spa manufacturing experience.  They began their business with a single goal – to offer the best quality spas with the most features, and the greatest range of products.  Today, there are Authorized Artesian Spas dealers in more than 300 countries around the world.

Artesian builds spas for every budget, from high end to middle and low price range.    The company has received Best of Class Awards from poolandspa.com every year since 1998.  The award is based on product inspections, phone interviews and independent polling of 5,000 consumers.

Artesian offers spa models Platinum Elite Class, Island Spas and Island Spas Elite, South Seas Spas and Garden Spas, and features like hydrotherapy jets, sound systems, LED lighting and special water features.  They are passionately committed to providing unparalleled quality in their spas at every price level.

According to Artesian, their “green technology” makes their spas unlike any others.  They sell energy efficient products like Crystal AOP™ Brilliance, Crystal AOP™ Ozone Mixing Chamber, and DirectFlow™ for ultimate water control.

Update: Artesian and its sub brands were acquired by Monomoy Capital Partners in late 2021.  Monomoy also owns the Marquis Hot Tubs brand and Nordic Hot Tubs brand.

Additional brands/lines include:  Island Spas, Island Elite Spas, Platinum Elite Spas, South Seas Spas, Resort Spas, Tropic Seas Spas, Tropic Seas Elite Spas, Tropic Reflections Spas, Tidal Fit Swim Spas, The Garden Spas

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Artesian Spas
Average rating:  
 5 reviews
 by steven gorelick
We love our Artesian Spa

We have had our spa for 2 years now and it has literally saved our marriage. The jets help so much with my back pain. My wife loves the fact that there is no chemical smell. Every night, we sit out there with a glass of wine and enjoy the peace and quiet. We have not had a single problem (knock on wood).

 by Julie Meade
Worst Investment I've Made

Purchased my brand-new Artesian Island Spa in Sept. 2018 for $7,700 and it was delivered Oct. 2018. Within the first six months we began having issues. The pressure control valve for pump 1-(one) burst and blew off while we were in the spa, had to be replaced. Next, we noticed small black materials floating in the spa, and discovered the headrests padding had begun coming apart…SIX MONTHS INTO OWNERSHIP. The service manager told me that was to be expected and not covered under warrant (a $300 replacement cost for me). Next issue was pump 1-(one) went out and had to be replaced. Next issue was the valve control for the small waterfall started leaking which caused loss of control for the waterfall, had to be replaced. Next issue was my digital control panel went out and had to be replaced. Same issue happened again approximately 8 months later, and the digital control panel was again replaced. Approximately four months later, the digital control panel began having white lines in it and needs to be replaced, but none in stock, so for NINE MONTHS I’ve waited on a third replacement for my digital panel. Next issue, pump 2-(two) started leaking and had to be replaced. Two months later pump 2-(two) completely went out and has to be replaced (they're on backorder so who knows when I’ll get that fixed). When the service technician arrived to diagnose pump 2-(two), upon removing the side panel we discovered that when pump 2-(two) had been replaced eight weeks earlier it had been replaced with an “alternative” replacement pump that was actually larger than the original pump. When installed the installer had to make modifications to make this “alternative” pump fit, which was to cut out some of the spa’s insulation. Artesian provides a 5 years warranty, and it’s a damn good thing they do. I’ve got two years, and two months left on my warranty, and I’m already worrying about what will happen when the extended warranty expires. By the way, this is our personal use spa, not on any nightly rental property.

 by D Shperling
ordered tidalfit over 6 month ago and didn't get it yet..

I've tried to contact the company unsuccessfully..

How company at that size doesn't respect herself and her customers enough to have a decent customers service?

 by Julie
10 year shelf life...max

Size, design, seats, finsh all great. The jets broke at year 3 and were very expensive to replace, Now have had to replace the healting element twice and the motor. Looking for another brand next time. We live in a cold climate with hard water, so not a durable as we hoped.

 by Samuel Gordon
best hot tub we've owned

We've had hot tubs our whole lives and this south seas is the best so far. The filter system is amazing and super easy. The jets are strong. 3 years so far and no problems. Every time I've had to call with a question everyone has been very helpful. My neighbor just bought one on our recommendation and the delivery was super complicated but they got a crane and a bunch of guys and made it happen. Could not be happier.