Top Hot Tub Brands Of 2023

Hot tubs and swim spas have become increasingly popular over the years, and with so many different brands (over 100) to choose from, it can be overwhelming to find the right one. In this article, we will highlight the top 10 emerging hot tub brands to help you make an informed decision.

  1. Jacuzzi Jacuzzi is a well-known hot tub brand that has been in business since 1956. They offer a variety of hot tubs, including indoor (jetted bathtubs) and outdoor options (portable hot tubs), with advanced features such as hydrotherapy. They also offer a line of swim spas (Power Active and Power Play Swim Spas).
  2. Wellis Spas Wellis Spas is a luxury European brand that provides an exceptional hydrotherapy experience. Their hot tubs are made from high-quality materials and designed to last. They also offer excellent customer service and support. Wellis also offers a complete swim spa line.
  3. Sundance Spas Sundance Spas has been in the hot tub industry for over 40 years and offers energy-efficient hot tubs with advanced features such as waterfalls and LED lighting. Sundance is a part of Jacuzzi Brands.
  4. Artesian Spas Artesian Spas offers a wide range of hot tubs with advanced features like Wi-Fi connectivity and customizable jet options. They are also designed to be energy efficient.
  5. Hot Spring Spas Hot Spring Spas provides hot tubs with advanced features such as wireless entertainment systems and powerful jets. They also have exceptional customer service and support.
  6. Bullfrog Spas Bullfrog Spas are known for their customizable JetPaks, allowing customers to tailor their hot tub experience to their specific needs. They also provide a range of sizes and designs to fit any space.
  7. Caldera Spas Caldera Spas offer hot tubs with advanced features such as saltwater systems and LED lighting. They also provide a range of accessories to enhance the hot tub experience.
  8. American Whirlpool Spas – AWS offers a complete line of hot tubs for every need and budget. They also offer a full line of swim spas and exercise pools.
  9. Dimension One Spas Dimension One Spas offers hot tubs with advanced features such as Dynamic Massage Sequencer and Flex Therapy Pillow with adjustable height neck jets. They are also designed to be energy efficient.
  10. Marquis Spas Marquis Spas provide hot tubs with advanced features such as the Microsilk skin softening system and H.O.T. Zone Therapy.

When selecting a hot tub brand, it is essential to consider factors such as quality, luxury, performance, reliability, and customer service.

Another brand worth considering on the more budget side of things is BuenoSpa. They are manufactured by luxury hot tub maker Wellis spas as a more economical series. They offer unique features and designs that make them excellent choices for anyone looking for a hot tub to provide an exceptional hydrotherapy experience in a more affordable price range.

When selecting a hot tub be sure to research each brand to learn more about their offerings and to find the hot tub that best fits your needs.

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