BuenoSpa = “Good Hot Tubs”

BuenoSpa is the epitome of its translation which means “good hot tub”. Here are ten reasons why BuenoSpa is unmatched in its class at the crossroads of affordability and luxury.

  1. HORIZONTSIDE CABINET: The cabinet is made from horizontally installed, thick, synthetic wood panels on the sides, and vertical thin cabinet panels on the corners. The spa cabinets are made from a UV resistant polymer material that looks like real wood but requires no maintenance.
  2. POLI-MAX HOT TUB SHELL REINFORCEMENT: The hot tubs have exceptional thermal conductivity that conserves energy. The hot tubs have excellent sound insulation properties that reduce noise intensity through the tub wall. They are also environmentally has no harmful gasses are generated during the manufacturing process like they are with a fiberglass hot tub shell.
  3. POLYFOAM INSULATION: The insulation provided by BuenoSpa ensures energy efficiency, saves money, and operates in an environmentally friendly way. The inside of the cabinet is covered with several layers of polyurethane foam, which is well known for its good thermal insulation properties and noise reduction. Warm air from the pumps and equipment inside the cabinet is trapped and transferred through the hot tub shell to help maintain water temperature and energy efficiency.
  4. SUPERFINE FILTER & OZONE GENERATOR: The BuenoSpa hot tubs offer a multi-stage filtering and conditioning system designed to provide exceptionally high quality, clean and clear bathing water. The ozone generator produces ozone that helps to destroy bacteria, viruses, and algae that could be present in the water.
  5. COLOR YOUR MOOD: Color therapy is a real thing and gaining popularity across industries. Color are known to have in impact on mood and sense of wellbeing. BuenoSpa hot tubs have exclusive color therapy lighting built into the sidewall of the hot tub, consisting of 11-18 LED lights spread out across the shell. The hot tub control unit changes the basic colors slowly and continuously. You can also set the lighting to stay on just one color.
  6. REINFORCED MOLDED ABS FLOOR PAN: BuenSpa features an insulated single-piece molded floor pan that forms the foundation upon which all of the hot tub models are built. The floor pan is made from a high-density ABS plastic. The sides of the plastic pan extend upwards to form a barrier against water, insect, and rodent intrusion.  Most manufacture simply staple a thin, flimsy plastic sheet on the bottom of their hot tubs.
  7. WPS CABINET FRAME: BuenoSpa uses a special polymer to ensure exceptional stability and life for the spa’s structural frame, protecting and extending the life of your investment.
  8. SEATS: The configuration and design of the seats and loungers in the BuenoSpa hot tubs models underwent much research and development to make sure they are ergonomically perfect and, above all, comfortable. The shape of the seats match natural body contours so you can soak and relax for hours on end. Moreover, the seats are designed with various jet configurations to target different muscle groups.  Here’s breakdown of the meticulously designed seats and targeted therapy
    1. “Relax Seat” – Targets the regeneration of the shoulder girdle, longitudinal back muscle, hip flexor muscles, and knew extensor muscles
    2. “Expert Seat” – This seat has adjustable and directional nozzles that can be customized for pressure and strength
    3. “Cool-Down Seat” – After a full hydrotherapy session in the hot tub it is nice to sit in a seat that is partly elevated so that half of your body is out of the water so you can cool off for a bit without getting completely out of the tub.  Cool down seat is great when you want to transition out of the hot tub. It is also great for small children if the other seats are too deep.
    4. “Body-Flow Seat” – A massage seat with the most comprehensive physiological effect. In addition to massaging the trunk’s (lower body) muscle tissue fibers, it also has effects on venous and lymphatic circulation in the lower extremities (thighs, calves, etc.).
  9. WATER FEATURES: BuenoSpa hot tubs have a variety of water features that add ambiance to your spa experience, including LED-lit waterfalls, bubblers, and fountains.
  10. BUENOSPA CONTROL PANEL: The topside keypad is flush mounted to the toprail of the hot tub and allows you to control all of the functions of your hot tub (temperature, jets, filtration cycles, lighting, etc).

There has always been a fine line when it comes to price, quality, and features in hot tub manufacturing. To get a good hot tub these days your paying between $8000-$12,000 due to rising costs, manufacturing margins, dealer margins, and any other costs associated with purchasing a hot tub. It has become increasingly difficult to deliver quality options at a budget price point ($5000-$7000). It’s refreshing to see that BuenoSpa is closing that gap by providing quality, value, and affordability with its consumer direct model (factory direct pricing).

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