Michael Phelps and His Family Star in New Master Spas Promotional Video

Master Spas has just released a new promotional video featuring “the best and most decorated swimmer in the world”, Michael Phelps, and his family as part of their “Win Your Day” campaign. In the video, Michael’s wife Nicole and son Boomer help show how family-friendly a backyard swim spa can be.  Traditionally swim spas have been marketed as more of an exercise tool and the recreational side of the benefits are often overlooked especially on the Michael Phelps Swim Spas line as he is a world champion swimmer and the branding suggests that his swim spas will help create elite athletes like himself, however, the family experience offered by swim spas is of equal value and now that Michael has matured into a husband and father it’s easier to see how benefits outside of elite training can be had. 

Michael Phelps Swim Spas Video Featuring His Family

Master Spas was not only one of the first swim spa and hot tub companies to produce a large and diverse offering of swim spas it’s easily been the best at promoting and marketing them with endorsement deals like Michael Phelps which started back in 2010 and also unique features like:

1. Axis Rolling Cover System – a high end rolling hot tub cover designed for easy removal and extra durability
2. SNAPP – Smartphone SwimNumber App system that allows different intervals of swim current and pre-programmed workouts for swimmers.
3. Wave XP Propulsion Swim Current – fully adjustable swim current using a propeller rather than swim jets
4. VIP Swim Jet – Airless Swim Current on H2X Challenger Swim Spas.

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