Johnson City Hot Tub Manufacturer, LPI, Inc, to Expand Operations

Johnson City, Tennessee based Leisure Products International is expanding it’s hot tub and swim spa manufacturing and distribution footprint by purchasing a nearby, offsite facility for warehousing. LPI has been in it’s current manufacturing and distribution facility since 2016 and appears to have already outgrown the 320,000 square foot location. The company’s CEO, David Hatley, claims that they have the capacity to produce more spas out their current facility but that storage and warehousing are causing a bottleneck. They plan to alleviate that bottleneck with the acquisition of their new 126,000 facility located in the Johnson City Industrial Park. The new facility was the former Cantech Industries building that went out of business last year. Having an offsite warehousing facility will allow them to repurpose the warehouse space in their current facility for more manufacturing operations. The company also expects to add 150-200 new jobs over the next two years adding to its already 275 person workforce.

LPI is the manufacturer of several hot tub brands including Dr. Wellness Spas, Tranquility Spas, Pinnacle Spas, Catalina Spas, Catalina Swim Spas, Signature Spas, Atera Spas, Pinnacle Spas, Water’s Edge Spas, Plug and Power Spas, and Hudson Bay Spas. LPI currently operates 42 retail locations called Aqua Living Factory Outlets (formerly called RecDirect Factory Outlets) and hopes to open 100 more in the next few years.

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3 thoughts on “Johnson City Hot Tub Manufacturer, LPI, Inc, to Expand Operations

  1. We ordered our spa in May, was told to expect August delivery, then was told it would be Dec 4th delivery, after calling and emailing numerous times, we were told in a one line response from the customer service department the we had a new date of February. They didn’t call us, we had to call at least 10 times to get a response weeks after it was to be delivered. I am now wondering about fraud. I financed this, how does that work? I am writing the management of the company this week to get some better answers. One would think that if I am 6 months past my delivery date that someone would care enough to contact us. Beth Tipton simply won’t answer a single email. She’s my contact.

    1. We’re disappointed with this company, customer service is terrible and we have been lied to 3 times. Our tub is leaking, can’t get technician to call us back for appointment. This company shouldn’t treat customers like this. Our numbers are 423-383-7520. I expect someone to resolve this issue, we spent alot of money for this hot tub and can’t even use it!

      1. My sales person won’t return my text, email or phone calls. If I block my number she will pick up. But just to tell me she will look into it. My order was placed on 5-29-22 and still has not been processed. Customers service at the facility keeps telling me I have to talk to my sales person. When I ordered it I was told 2-3 weeks. The customer support number is 423-349-2900 ext 6. They were fast to cash my check. For an international company they sure do have bad customer service.

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