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LPI International out of Tennessee continues to evolve and change in the fast paced hot tub world. It seems that the hot tub manufacturer has done a nationwide re-branding of its outlets changing them from RecDirect Factory Outlets to Aqua Living Factory Outlets. The reason for the change remains uncertain, however, the brands they market have remained the same. They continue to manufacture and sell their Dr. Wellness Spas brand as well as their Tranquility Spas brand.

On its website it references that it is the largest hot tub retailer with over 36 locations nationwide, however, these locations (listed below) seem to have very limited inventory and business hours. Most of them are also by appointment only and are warehouse locations rather than big fancy showrooms. They claim their pricing is substantially less than traditional retail because they can keep their overhead and costs down with their sales and distribution model.

For those discerning buyer’s looking to cut out the middle man and save a buck this may be a good option. We would, however, advise that you do your homework on the brand, read reviews, and make sure to see these units in person (even wet-test one). One of the biggest drawbacks in working with manufacturer direct models is the lack of local service and support especially when it comes to warranties. Make sure to buy from a company that has in-house service or local service that you can verify. No matter how good the quality, hot tubs require a fair amount of support and having local support can be the difference between a good and bad ownership experience. For more information on how to properly research and purchase a hot tub then make sure to look at our hot tub buyer’s guide pages.

As of writing this article, the Aqua Living website claims to have the following factory outlets :

  1. Birmingham, AL Hot Tubs
  2. Huntsville, AL Hot Tubs
  3. Phoenix, AZ Hot Tubs
  4. Arvada, CO Hot Tubs
  5. Colorado Springs, CO Hot Tubs
  6. Baltimore Hot Tubs
  7. Jacksonville, FL Hot Tubs
  8. Atlanta, GA Hot Tubs
  9. Marietta, GA Hot Tubs
  10. Des Moines, IA Hot Tubs
  11. Chicago, IL Hot Tubs
  12. Boston, MA Hot Tubs
  13. Detroit, MI Hot Tubs
  14. Minneapolis, MN Hot Tubs
  15. Charlotte, NC Hot Tubs
  16. Greensboro, NC Hot Tubs
  17. Raleigh, NC Hot Tubs
  18. Omaha, NE Hot Tubs
  19. Plaistow, NH Hot Tubs
  20. Sayreville, NJ Hot Tubs
  21. Hauppauge, NY Hot Tubs
  22. Las Vegas, NV Hot Tubs
  23. Cleveland, OH Hot Tubs
  24. Lima, OH Hot Tubs
  25. Oklahoma City, OK Hot Tubs
  26. Tulsa, OK Hot Tubs
  27. Hood River, OR Hot Tubs
  28. Philadelphia, PA Hot Tubs
  29. Providence, RI Hot Tubs
  30. Greeneville, SC Hot Tubs
  31. Chattanooga, TN Hot Tubs
  32. Memphis, TN Hot Tubs
  33. Johnson City, TN Hot Tubs
  34. Dallas, TX Hot Tubs
  35. Houston, TX Hot Tubs
  36. Austin, TX Hot Tubs
  37. San Antonio, TX Hot Tubs
  38. Fredricksburg, VA Hot Tubs
  39. Richmond, VA Hot Tubs
  40. Virginia Beach, VA Hot Tubs
  41. Milwaukee, WI Hot Tubs

Aqua Living Outlets also offer their swim spa line thru AquaGym includes LPI brands like Wellness Swim Spas (Dr. Wellness) and Catalina Swim Spas (Swim Series, Pool Series, and Dual Temp Series.

For more information visit our hot tub buyer’s guide pages. Also, click on the pink boxes and complete our free local quote form to get competitive prices from local dealers in your area. Or click our “Spa Buyer’s Consult” link above to get one on one expert advice on the best swim spas available in your area.

32 thoughts on “Aqua Living Factory Outlets

  1. Been waiting 10 weeks for hot tub from this company. Paid for it in early May. Told the it would be “4 to 6 weeks”. Then an “estimated completion date” of June 26…. I’m beginning to wonder if I’ve gotten ripped off…..

  2. We are going through the same issues. They continue to change the dates, since may . Now they said in August.

  3. We do not work for this company nor represent them, but we like many others, are searching for a good quality hot tub brand. People with delivery issues especially during this time, should be aware that many manufacturers are far behind in producing in stock for their distributors and retailers. We are currently experiencing this with finding appliances for the new home that we’re building. It’s not the fault of the distributor if they can’t get product.

    1. Their is a solution. Just stop selling hotubs and lying about the expected delivery date. But they know no one would give them money if they knew it was a year wait minimum to receive the product.

  4. Says 2-3 weeks for made to order hot tubs but I bought one on July 15th 2020 and it’s now September 22 and don’t have a hot tub yet. Richard moody was my sales rep and basically told me in August that I was behind 10,000 people waiting to have there hot tubs built. Why on earth would you keep taking orders once your 10,000 hot tubs behind and show a 2-3 week delivery time. I financed it to be sure it wasn’t a scam and the first payment is due October 5th 2020 or in about 13 days but I still haven’t got my purchase. There has to be a law against being 2-3 months late to deliver merchandise and expecting payment. I read the fine print on the contract and it says if your payment is late there will be a 15$ or 5% late charge if I don’t make a payment even though it hasn’t been delivered. 5% would be over a 400$ late fee. That’s just insane for a person being 5 days late to make a payment. But it also says aqua living gives lp financial the full rights to defer or extend payments upon buyers request. But FYI if you buy a 4,200$ hot tub from them they add a bunch of stuff like steps, cover chemicals and other odds and overpriced ends for 1,000$ without you asking for them then charge over 3,000$ in financing charges. In the end my 4,200$ hot tub will cost well over 8,000$. But that’s given you ever get it built and delivered. As of now I’m not sure if it will ever be a reality and not just a money scam.

  5. Have u received your hot tub yet??? We ordered in may it’s now October we are still getting the run around n feel like we may have been scammed

  6. No I sent a email and they said they would try to start building it at the end of October. I ordered it July 15th. I told the guy it is hands down the worst buying experience I’ve ever had online in my life. Or from pretty much anywhere.

  7. My Hot Tub was ordered 5/21/2020 and was not delivered until 10/8/2020. When it was delivered the entire front panel was damaged and the cover had a tear in it. It is now 11/9/2020 and still no repairs for the panel or cover. I spoke with Tonya in Johnson City in early October and she stated she would take care of it and let me know when the panel will be repaired. Needless to say I never heard from her again. Every time I call back I end up on hold and nobody ever picks up the call. So I called the salesman back and he basically said it wasn’t his problem and I should call the manufacturer like everyone else. I told him I paid $7447 for this Hot Tub and all I’m getting is a run around by the manufacturer, So he was the next person I called. Good Luck with that. The only info he obtained for me was that he put in another service request and that it was an issue with the manufacturer and I would have to wait, that was all he could do. Needless to say after spending $7447 on this Hot Tub I went off on him and he hung up on me. Without a doubt I will never purchase anything from this company ever again. BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!

  8. They manufacture there own hottubs so your definitely getting a run around if there saying to contact the manufacture. They are the manufacturer and the sellers. So to contact the manufacturer just call that guy back.

  9. @kenmcenany- did you ever get your hot tub?
    Ordered ours beginning of sept- finally got an update after multiple requests that it should go to production in 2-3 weeks! It’s already three weeks past the original estimated delivery date!! I’m feeling scammed as I paid for mine already, too!

  10. They ended up canceling my order after i made 3 payments. I’m yet to get a check for what I’ve paid or the financing off my credit report. I was 4-5 months out from my purchase date and they said it would be done nov 1st . About nov 15th they sent a message saying they was out of the color i wanted and asked if i would take another color. I said i would if it will be delivered by dec 1st and asked if this nightmare with there company will ever be over. I told them in December ill either be in a hottub or filing a case at the court house against them. He then sent me a message saying he’s canceling the order. I never asked to cancel the order only to get my tub. But now its 5-6 months since purchase. I’m out 500$ , my credit is down 100 points and i have no hottub. My advice is to cancel your order and if they say no file a case in court based on the 2-3 week delivery time posted on there website being a misleading lie sales tactic. These people are crooks and are lying about there ability to make and deliver on tubs. They only care of you pay and once that happens they can stall you for years and never give you anything. I think they will claim bankrupt soon and keep all of the money and not owe anyone anything.

  11. Beware. I ordered my hot tub on 8/14 and was told it would be 7 to 12 weeks. Early on I was told to expect a delay due to covid. Then I was told in early December that it was going into production the next week. When I followed up again. I was told it would go into production in “two weeks” (even though it was already supposed to be in production). Now I am told it will be in production on 1/8. Very sketchy… but they have no problem charging me monthly payments while I am left to wonder if this is even a legitimate company.

  12. They just promised free hot tubs if you bought one and it snowed on Christmas. Well guess what it did and a lot. What do you want to bet this company claims bankruptcy soon and everyone who already paid gets nothing. What else is the plan. Give away 20,000 free hot tubs lol.

    1. We waited months to get it, got the Catalina delivered, and took 8 months to service it, only to hear it would not work had to be replaced, they replaced it and it still doesn’t work, now we have to get an attorney 14,577.77 spent and no working hot tub for over a year, worst experience for any purchase and now have to fight them, 2nd hot tub has been here 2 months and it still does not work.. DO NOT TRY TO SAVE MONEY, RUN!!

  13. We purchased on June 2020 delivered 5/21. We also had issues with communications from the company for a long period of time. However, within the last few months the customer service department in TN have been outstanding to work with. Covid has changed the game. but communication is key to success. I think they are working on improving that.

  14. I own one of these tubs. I know now why they cheaper than other tubs. Because they are built cheap. Staples hold the wood frame together. They have proprietary jets in them. They don’t stand behind their warranties. So you better learn to work on it.

  15. My experience with this company could fill a book. There is so much I want to say, but the ONE thing that stands out above all is a complete and total LACK OF INTEGRITY. From the sales people, to management, to the repair department, this company has ABSOLUTELY NO INTEGRITY. I have never been lied to so often by so many people in my life. Purchasing a spa from this company is the single worst house-related decision I have ever made. I paid cash for the spa 18 mos ago and it is never worked properly and they refuse to come out and fix it. EVERYONE I have dealt with in this company has lied to me. I am now paying out of pocket for repairs to my spa, even though it is under warranty. Do yourself a favor and buy a Jacuzzi brand.

  16. I had very similar situation. Luckily, I filed a dispute with Visa when I felt things going wrong and no responses. I reported this problem about receiving defective merchandise under 60 days and Visa has refunded tne $8690. Thank god. This business is deceitful and your warranty is pretty useless if they don’t respond.

  17. I purchased a hot tub from LPI/AquaLiving in June 2021 with a delivery date of Sep 2021. However, that date kept being pushed and finally the hot tub was delivered in Dec 2021. Since then the hot tub has not functioned properly. Bluetooth speakers did not work upon arrival and needed to be replaced, then we noticed a leak – we made a warranty claim which they initially tried to deny based on the purchase vs the actual received by date. Then after being reassigned to multiple techs who had non working numbers or full voicemail boxes someone came to fix the leak. Only he didn’t actually fix it. So he came out again. Tub still leaked and started to have electrical issues because of it. I have now been reassigned techs 3 times including one who didn’t show up at all for our scheduled appointment and now one that doesn’t even live in my state. Plus we noticed the cover is missing foam entirely in a section from poor manufacturing and were told it only had a 90 day warranty and to buy another one FROM THEM for over $500 that would suddenly have a 5 year warranty. What a scam. So now I have a hot tub that is less than a year old that does not work, a cover that was never right and no hope of it ever getting resolved. The tub is clearly a lemon and a consumer product claim attorney agrees. I had a cheap Dreammaker spa prior to this I purchased thru Wayfair with zero issues in 6 years of ownership. It’s obvious they cut corners during the pandemic to keep up with demand and were producing an inferior product now that is not only broken but dangerous. LPI is responsive but not actually taking care of the core issue and they
    need to be held accountable.

  18. Got my hot tub right on time. Lots of negative reviews here, all related to PANDEMIC issues. VERY satisfied with the American Made quality and the price was 40% better than the ones made in Mexico and over seas.

  19. Maybe you got lucky.Our tub has had leaks,sent us the wrong color tub.I have had to fix the leaks my self. They real nice to you when they are take ur cash.
    I hope you have better luck.

  20. The warranty company for Aqua Living Factory outlets is terrible! LPI will not cover anything. And the fact that I even need to have warranty work done on my 3 year old spa tells me the quality is not good.
    I have two mushroom waterfalls that have literally melted and now I have a sticky goo running out of it all over the tub. LPI told me it’s because all I have is the factory cover on it and I should have put a pergola over it or some other cover. Well, no one told me that when I bought it and I bought it in AZ.

    They also did not tell that the warranty is pro rated. The display panel looks foggy like it has moisture in it. They won’t do anything about it. Won’t even send anyone to look at it. They said “I’ll send you to parts and you can order a new one”. WHAT?

    the shell is bowed out and their response to that is that I live in Arizona where the weather is harsh. WHAT? no one told me these hot tubs couldn’t be out in the weather!! I sure as heck would not have dropped $7000 on it if I’d known that!!

    Long story short: Stay away from Aqua Living spas and their crappy warranty company. Don’t waste your money.

  21. I agree. Ours leaked from nozzle right off. Ended up fixing it myself.can’t get them to respond. If you’re reading this,I’m telling you don’t buy their junk. You have been warned.

  22. Horrible company!’ I paid $11,000 for a hot tub that broke within an hour of owning it!!! Aqua factory and LPI refuse to refund me and I have Gary from LPI on recording attempting to blackmail me into taking my review down!

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