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Brand Overview

In 1996, Atera invented, and continues to build today, their one-of-a-kind hot tubs and spas in Phoenix, Arizona.  Their patented Atera AnyTemp® heater and spa-chiller technologies of theirTrueZone® Dual Zone Swim Spas provides economical heating and chilling for perfect-temperature home aquatic therapy, endless swimming and outdoor exercise in any climate.  Their spas and hot tubs are handcrafted to each client’s specifications, and sold only factory direct worldwide through their factory showroom in Glendale, Arizona. 

Atera AnyTemp® spas, swim spas and hot tubs are unlike any other hot tub spas, swim spas or swimming pools in the world with their unique contrasting hot and cold (62 deg. To 104 deg. F) temperatures that allow therapy, swimming and exercising outdoors, anywhere and anytime.  These spas are ideal for pain relief or for athletic cold plunge after training to reduce recovery time.  Military, law-enforcement, first-responder, medical and athletic trainer discounts are available. Their company’s motto is “20 Years of Honest American Family Service.”

With Atera’s Choice Water® Treatment purifier, Atera AnyTemp®spas and hot tubs can be drained and filled yearly, instead of quarterly; and the water can be used on your lawn or garden purifier without harm to your pets, plants and lawn without fear of toxic chemicals used in other spas and hot tubs.  In addition, annual drain and fills can save thousands of gallons of water a year.

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