Swim Spa Water Watch® from HydroPool and Thermospas

Although swim spas are one of the best innovations for the backyard since the advent of the portable hot tub they do lack in one important area and that is measurability. Swim spas are a great alternative to a traditional swimming pool because they are portable, more space efficient (smaller), energy efficient, versatile (can be used as a hot tub or pool), and can be used all year round. The only problem is they are great for a competitive swimmer looking to track their performance and results.

Hydropool Hot Tubs and Thermospas have come up with some cool technology to address this problem with the release of the Swim Spa Water Watch. Because both companies are a part of Jacuzzi Brands they share the “Swim Spa Smart Watch” technology.

The Swim Spa Water Watch is a wearable device that has all of the following benefits;

  1. Manage, Monitor, and Analyze Swim Workouts – the watch and smartphone app allow a swimmer to see metrics like distance covered, time, pace, etc.
  2. Monitor Calories Burned
  3. Monitor Pulse and Heartrate – the watch has a heartrate monitor and vibration feature that prompts the swimmer on when to speed up or slow down based on the swimmers desired target heart rate

The data from the watch is easily viewed thru and iOS app for iPhone or app Android Smartphones.

Its seems like more an more swim spa manufacturers and accessory manufacturers in the pool and spa industry are getting in technologies that help track performance. A few months ago, tech firm FORM released this new augmented reality swim googles that offers similar benefits to the Swim Spa Smart Watch.

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