Bullfrog Spas M Series New Filtration and Integrated Frog@Ease

As if Bullfrog Spas wasn’t already revolutionary enough (at least by hot tub industry standards), they’ve refined their technology, engineering, and design even further with the release of their new M Series hot tubs. There’s a great deal to talk about with the new M Series Spas, however, we will focus on their new hidden filtration and water management system in this article. All of the new Bullfrog M Series, which currently consists of 3 models, have a hidden filter located directly behind one of their signature jet packs (in the corner seat). The skimmer is also hidden as water is sucked in thru slits in the walls of the hot tub. The benefit here is two-fold. First, its the aesthetic because a filter and a filter housing is typically one of the more unsightly characteristics of any hot tub. Second, the filter housing and skimmer usually take up at least the room of one seat in the hot tub which is no longer an issue in the M Series because the filter is discretely tucked away behind a jet back.

Then there’s the water management system. Most familiar hot tub owners and professionals know, the filtration system has mostly to do with circulating the hot tub water either intermittently (two speed pump) or continuously (24 hour circ pump) through the filter cartridge to clarify the water, however, it does very little to sanitize the water. Bullfrog has partnered with King Technologies to integrate their most popular, effective, and low maintenance water sanitation system (Frog@Ease) which uses a combination of mineral purifier and smartchlor (time released chlorine) cartridges located next to the filter and behind one of the jet packs. No other hot tub manufacturer has integrated such a robust system so covertly that you can’t even tell it’s their unless someone told you.

Bullfrog continue to intelligently and aesthetically innovate at an unprecedented rate keep them ahead of their competition. There’s also been some speculation that Bullfrog will integrate these new M Series features into their other series of spas.

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