Best Hot Tub Temperature?

First time hot tub buyer’s regularly ask the question, What’s the ideal temperature for a hot tub? Well the answer to that question really depends on the person or circumstances such as age, medical condition, or duration of use.  In general most people keep their hot tub between 100-104 degrees.  The lowest temperature a hot tub can go is 80 degrees and the highest allowable limit on a hot tub temperature control is 104 degrees for safety reasons.  Our natural body temperature is 98.6 degrees so anything above that can impact an individual differently.   

To find what temperature works best for you we would recommend trying it at different settings between 100-104 for 20-30 minutes at a time to see what’s most comfortable. 

Here’s a list of variables that can affect hot tub temperature:

  1. AgeSmall children should use the hot tub a lower temperature so they don’t overheat.  Make sure they drink lots of water before, during, and after using the hot tub.
  2. Seniors or elderly should do the same.
  3. Duration – Length of use can also determine temperature. For example, if you like to be in the hot tub for extended period of time (say an hour) then you might like it at 100 degrees or if you like to only be in there for short intervals (15 minutes) then you might prefer 103 or 104 degrees.
  4. Time of Year (ambient temperature) – some people like to increase their normal temperature by 1-2 degrees during the winter months to offset the lower ambient temperatures experienced during the cold months.  Also if you have a 110v hot tub which tends to cool off more quickly during the colder months then it’s helpful to increase the temperate by several degrees to offset the cooling of the hot tub when the jet pump is running (on a 110v when the heater is on then the motor is off and vice versa).
  5. Medical Condition – if you have a medical condition then it is recommended you consult your physician about using a hot tub.
  6. Pregnancy – you should consult a physician before using a hot tub during pregnancy.
  7. Purpose – some people like to cool off in their hot tub during the summer months when ambient temperatures are between 80-100 degrees so that they can use their hot tub as a “cold tub” or plunge pool.  Keeping it at 80 degrees or dropping large bags of ice in the hot tub can be very refreshing during those hot summer days.

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