Strong Spas “Elements Series” Hot Tubs with Fully Automated Hard Cover

Finally, a hot tub manufacturer has done the impossible, created a hard cover that is fully automated!  Strong Spas of Northumberland, PA is clearly at the top of it’s game in the cover department. Several years ago they developed a hard cover which they refer to as the “Dura-Shield Hardcover System” that is made of hard plastic (resin) and also comes in designer automotive finishes.  The Dura-Shield Hardcover is very unique because it’s lightweight and, because of it’s hard plastic design, does not take on moisture like a traditional vinyl and foam cover.  It also does not lose insulation value and deteriorate over time like a traditional vinyl and foam cover.  Equally important is the fact that it does not get heavier over time (because it doesn’t take on water) and remains lightweight and easy to take on and off.  Since the inception of the Dura-Shield Hardcover, Strong Spas has incorporated a built-in coverlift system that is low profile and easy to use but that now they’ve taken it to a whole new level with their fully automated lift system.  They’ve enhanced the built in coverlift and made it a motorized, automatic system which opens with the turn of a key (located on the front cabinet).  If you’ve been in the industry a long time then you can appreciate the innovation as its been a long time coming and purely magical.  You simply walk up to the hot tub and insert the key into the keyhole (LED lit) located in the center of the cabinet and turn and watch as the two piece cover magically retracts open and the two piece cover stows on each side of the hot tub.  When you are done you simply turn the key the other direction watch the two pieces move together in tandem and meet perfectly before sealing.  They key also provides a safety feature as it can be removed and the tub locked to keep out small children or unwanted guests.

Our understanding is that the motorized cover feature is going to add approximately $1200-$1500 per hot tub and is available on both the Elements Series hot tubs and the Premium Series hot tubs.

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