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Brand Overview

Strong Spas is one of the largest manufacturers in the world. All their hot tubs are assembled from the ground up at their Northumberland, Pennsylvania plant, and are sold and shipped to every state in the U.S., Canada and many countries around the world. All Strong Spas meet Canadian Standards Association (CSA) standards. In addition, Strong performs 100 quality control checks before shipping their hot tubs to customers.

Their sales teams and members of their extensive dealer network have the knowledge to answer all questions about their hot tubs. Their expansive network of factory-authorized local service technicians provide outstanding service for any Strong Spa hot tub under warranty. Strong Spas offers customers substantial savings and time by selling directly from our factory. In addition, customers enjoy our product warranty honored directly from Strong Spas. The company operates in a “Lean and Green” mode in their manufacturing process and the design and construction of their spas, in order to ensure that they are eco-friendly and energy-efficient, enabling them to provide customers with added savings and less operating costs.

Strong Spas is confident and passionate about the quality of our products and the quality of the customer service they offer an “industry-first” 90-Day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee and Return Policy.

Strong also offers a one-of-a-kind HardCover that is offered in both a manual version and automatic version for the absolute best ownership experience.

Additional brands/lines include: Iconic Spas (“therapy pod” seats), Durasport Spas, Evolution Spas (Costco), Embark Series Spas, Summit Series Spas, Premium Series Spas, Elements Series Spas, Avant Hot Tubs, Everlast Spas (Sam’s Club), AquaLife Spas, Essential Hot Tubs (Amazon.com), Ohana Spas (Wayfair) and Ohana Hot Tubs

Strong Spas also owns MyHotTub.com which sells their many of the models direct to consumer.

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Strong Spas
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 5 reviews
 by jessica brown
Horrible Spa

If I could give them zero stars I would. Purchased a Stronger Spa from Costco. Installed the spa, filled it with water, waited for it to heat up. After two days, it started leaking. Contacted Costco, they contacted Stronger, took a month for a technician to come out to fix it, but he was sent the wrong part by Strong. So we had to wait until the new part was sent. Waited another two weeks, same technician came out to fix it again. He replaced the part, but did not test the hot tub before he left. We refilled the hot tub with water, plugged it in. It did not work. Contacted Costco and Strong. Technician came back out and said the plug head had condensation in it and needed to be replaced. He did not have the part. He told my husband to go to home depot to get a new gji head and replace it himself. But then said if you do this you will void the warranty. I am not at a loss.

Jessica - sorry to hear about your poor experience. You, at least, have the peace of mind buying from Costco that they will back your product with a refund if you’re not satisfied with the purchase.

 by Kim
Did I get a Corona lemon?

Save your time money and energy and steer clear of these hot tubs! I bought one in early June of 2020, I finally received it on November 16th of 2020, I have had at least a dozen service calls since then for various things and now the top cover has a crack in it! For a lifetime warranty that hasn't even lasted 2 years! Also the entire inside of the hot tub shell has twisted and warped and the floor is now wavy! I was told that that is completely normal LOL. I am definitely under the impression that I've got a lemon or maybe their entire line is crap

 by Joy Stucke

What a nightmare buying this Spa!
• We purchased the spa 1-12-2021 from Costco
• Spa delivered in April (we were told 6 weeks for delivery)
• Cover was defective, but was replaced by factory
• Discovered huge leak in May and we were unable to use. Factory insisted they send repair person
• Spa was not repaired until sometime in July
• In August we went out to use it and most of the inside was delaminated and water pouring out again. We were told it was one of a batch of (6) that had this problem.
• Factory sent new hot tub which arrived October 16th 2021
• We were told by customer service we would be reimbursed for removal and replacement costs. We kept calling and emailing but no response from them. Finally we got a response stating the customer service rep we were dealing with was no longer there and he had no authority to deal with us. But finally agreed to pay a portion of our cost. They never paid.
We finally have contacted Costco and they just keep sending us emails every couple of days that they have not heard from the Vender. Thats what we told them you never hear from the Vendor. Its Costco's vendor so they should be responsible! There are many reviews like this on the Costco.com but they are still selling them. I wish I knew the names of the people so we could file a class action suit.

 by Brian Muir

I bought Strong Spa from dealer ,and when it was delivered , I found it had no insulation at all in or around spa. Not one ounce . Dealer sent up young maintainer by himself, and he used all his low expanding foam on only two sides of tub . He put in so much foam ,my pump ,circuit board, and heating element are totally encased ,and impossible to get at for repair. Other half of spa still has no insulation whatsoever, so spa is running 24 hrs a day . hydro bill is huge and not even winter yet. When a repair is required, spa goes to garbage , as the parts cannot be accessed due to hardened foam . Spa should have been insulated before arriving at dealer. Lawsuit is on its way if I do not get action.

 by Cindy Oakley

We bought a strong spa at the WI state fair, promoted by Mattress firm as well. First told it's plug and go, then had to wire in as too cold to heat. Now it's still not keeping temp. Called and no phone calls now, emailed and got an auto reply. No service at all for the $1000 extended warranty we paid for. This company and their products are crap!! Very very upset that we purchased this and have no service as promised!!