ConvertALift One Touch Automatic Swim Spa Cover

Wallingford, Connecticut-based Hot Tub Products, LLC is providing a solution for hot tub owners dealing with the struggles of managing their hot tub and swim spa covers. It is widely known and understood by hot tub and swim spa owners that the cover is the most bothersome and annoying attribute of a hot tub because they are big, awkward, heavy (waterlogged), and hard to take off and put on a hot tub. Even with a traditional coverlifter a user must be able to at least flip over half the cover before utilizing the coverlift arm or bracket to open it the rest of the way which is still a bit challenging to do especially for the older demographic of hot tub owners. This is why Hot Tub Products LLC developed and launched the Convert-A-Lift automatic cover system which allows you to open and close your cover with a click of a button on a remote keyfob from up to 100 feet away. Furthemore, the ConvertALift is designed to work with Hot Tub Products’ traditional SpaEase 200 hot tub cover and the VacuSeal Cover (and Lift System) which means you must buy one of these covers for it to integrate and work properly. The estimated cost of a ConvertALift system is around $2000 for a hot tub and likely twice that for a swim spa which is very reasonable considering a traditional hot tub cover and lifter is around $700-$1000. Until now there’s only been two other manufacturers that we are aware of that build a motorized cover system and that is the Catalina Automatic Cover System and The Strong Spas Dura-Shield Hard Cover.

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