Strong Spas Debuts the All New Iconic Spas Brand of Hot Tub

Iconic Spas have been years in the making and gone through rigorous testing and R&D before being introduced at the 2022 Pool and Spa Expo in November.  The manufacturer (Strong Spas) expects spas to be ready for production in early Q1 2023.   There are four models in the line and they are the epitome of luxury and innovation.  The design and features check nearly every box for a hot tub buyer.  Features include a steel frame, thick ABS pan (bottom) that is insulated, motorized coverlift, 6”-4” insulating cover, interchangeable therapy pods (seatbacks), improved energy efficiency, and elegant multicolor LED lighting.

Of importance is the therapy pods which feature seatbacks that are removable and interchangeable with other seatbacks in the hot tub in order to customize the therapy to the bather’s liking.  Interchangeable therapy pods not only give an end user the ability to customize the massage in each seat but also dramatically improves the plumbing design of the hot tub by cutting 70-80% of the plumbing typically found in a traditional hot tub.  This is accomplished by running a wide diameter, high flow plumbing around the bottom perimeter of the hot tub and quick connect/disconnect ports at every seat (therapy pod).  The perimeter plumbing sometimes referred to as centralized truck lines is fed directly by the jet pumps creating a highly efficient flow of water throughout the base of the hot tub for each therapy pod to tap into.

This innovative design in not exactly brand new to the industry.  In fact, Bullfrog Spas has been doing something very similar to this for nearly two decades.  The fact that this design is catching on validates that Bullfrog, once an outlier, has innovated a way of doing things that may, over time, become best practice in hot tub plumbing engineering and design.  It’s still too early to tell but we imagine that we will see further adoption amongst other brands in the years to come. For now, consumers who buy into this manufacturing methodology will have two brands to consider when looking for hot tubs.

At this time, we weren’t able to obtain the exact model names, however, we do know that they plan to release 4 models.  Two eight foot models (lounger or non-lounger) and two seven foot models (lounger or non-lounger).  We will provide further details on the Iconic hot tub models as they are released.

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