Passion Spas Releases Four Cold Plunge Portable Spas at the 2022 International Pool and Spa Expo

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Cold plunge pools were all the buzz at the show this year with many hot tub manufacturers offering chilling systems and heat pumps (1.3 kw). Passion Spas is offering four models in this particular category (aka The Original Ice Bath).  There are three standalone models that are designed for one person.  They also offer a fourth model that is a dual temperature unit featuring both a hot tub section with seating for four people and a smaller, cold plunge section with seating capacity for two.

The three smaller units are capable of running on 110v electrical connections with plug ang play simplicity.  The larger dual temperature unit requires 220v/50amps electrical connection (hard wired) for the hot tub side and a 110v/15amp connection (pigtail) for the cold plunge side.

Passion Spas Hot Tub + Cold Plunge Combination Hot Tub

Here is the breakdown of all four models;

The Monte Blanc Dual Temp (Dual Plunge)

  • 120” x 90” x 43” (120” x 109” x 43” including steps)
  • 502 gallons
  • Retail Price Range – $17,000 – $19,000

The Alps Cold Plunge

  • 46” x 34” x 46” (61” x 44” x 46” including steps)
  • 40 gallons capacity
  • 386 lbs dry weight / 717 lbs filled
  • Retail Price Range – $4000 – $5000

The Kilimanjaro Cold Plunge

  • 51” x 39” x 43” (73” x 39” x 43” including steps)
  • 40 gallons capacity
  • 220 lbs dry weight / 551 lbs filled
  • Retail Price Range – $8000 – $9000

The Everest Cold Plunge

  • 46” x 33” x 44” (66” x 33” x 44” including steps)
  • 53 gallons capacity
  • 319 lbs dry weight / 760 lbs filled
  • Retail Price Range – $8000 – $9000

If you have the space in your backyard, then we highly recommend the Mont Blanc, dual plunge, as it is the ultimate spa for anyone with an active lifestyle and features both hot water and cold water therapy simultaneously.  Imagine after a rigorous workout doing a hot soak at 102 degrees and then plunging into an ice cold 35 degree bath to sooth aching muscles.

Cold water therapy has been used by athletes for decades post workout to reduce inflammation and help with recovery. You can reference our prior articles to read about the benefits of cold water therapy.

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