Master Spas Michael Phelps Chilly GOAT Valaris Reviewed

Master Spas, the Indiana based, prominent manufacturer of premium swim spas and hot tubs, has introduced their newest Michael Phelps Chilly GOAT series model called the Valaris dual plunge.  The Valaris is seven foot by seven foot (square) contrast model offering both hot water therapy and cold water therapy in one unit. The innovative design is a dual temperature unit with two separate zones, separated by a wall, that offers hot water on one side and cold water on the other side.  The Valaris is the ultimate tool for athletes or wellness seekers wanting the best-in-class product to improve post workout recovery.

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The Valaris marks the second offering within the Michael Phelps Chilly GOAT Cold Tub range.  Earlier this year Master released its first self-contained, cold tub called the Alpine.  The Valaris combines both a cold tub and hot tub in one portable, easy to install unit providing a powerful chilling system to cool the water in one section and a heating system to heat the water in another section. The cold side (120 gallons) features a spacious, single seat with armrests and a small top deck.  The hot side (145 gallons) features two ergonomic seats with armrests and 18 hydrotherapy jets.  The dual temperature capability allows you to keep the cold side as low as 40 degrees and the hot side as high as 104 degrees so that you can move back and forth between temperatures for the best in at-home contrast therapy. Cold water immersion benefits include reduced inflammation and faster recovery.  Hot water therapy coupled with soothing water jets improves circulation and relaxation.

The Valaris dual plunge is the first of its kind to provide hot water therapy and cold water immersion in one compact vessel.  Prior to the Valaris the only other, dual temperature, contrast therapy unit was the Passion Spas Mont Blanc which is much larger footprint but similar in concept (released earlier this year). The Valaris caters to athletes, working professionals with physically demanding jobs, and individuals seeking better health and wellness.

Chilly GOAT Valaris Dual Plunge

Valaris Pricing and Specifications:

  • As of writing this article the retail price is $13,995
  • Dimensions are 84″ x 84″ x 30″ 
  • Seating Capacity is for 3 people (2 hot tub side and 1 cold tub side)
  • Overall water volume is 265 gallons (145 hot tub side and 120 cold tub side)
  • 18 hydrotherapy massage jets (hot tub side) and 3hp pump
  • 2 cabinet colors available (Terrain and Glacier)
  • WiFi Smartphone Controls

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