Monomoy Wellness Platform Releases 36 Degrees Cold Tub

Monomoy Capital Partners, known for its rollup of three prominent hot tubs manufacturers (Nordic, Artesian, and Marquis) in 2021 and 2022 has released a cold plunge, cold tub for 2024 called the “36 Degrees”. The new 36 Degrees carries the slogan “Chill To Thrill” as it joins the ranks of other hot tub manufacturers looking to take advantage of the new cold plunge market segment that’s been gaining a head of steam over the past year. Cold plunge spas are not a fad and are here to stay as cold water therapy is moving into the mainstream hot tub market much like swim spas did a decade ago. The health benefits of cold-water immersion or cold therapy are countless and the convenience of a portable, affordable unit is sure to be popular with homeowners seeking recovery and wellness benefits.

The new 36 Degrees cold tub is a new cross platform spa that will be made available to Artesian Spas, Marquis Hot Tubs, and Nordic Hot Tubs dealers. The 36 Degrees has a small footprint (2 person), portable (268 lbs), and runs on 110v, 15AMP electrical. The measurements are 83″ length, 34″ width, and 38.5″ height/depth. The tub has a chiller system that will allow water temperature to get as low as 36 degrees.

36 Degrees Cold Spa

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