Master Spas Innovates New Swim Jet Technology in H2X Swim Spas

Master Spas never seems to be content with the status quo.  They are at it again and this time they have innovated a new swim jet system called VIP (Velocity Injector Plate).  This new VIP technology is available on the H2X Swim Spa models turning them in “HD Swim Spas” according to the company.  Traditional jetted swim spas use a very straight forward air and water mixture connecting to the back of the jet body to produce a swim current  The standard swim jet body basically has a water line coming into it and a separate air line for added pressure and performance and the result is a steady stream of current coming out of the swim jet nozzle.  Now interject VIP and you get what the manufacturer claims to be a 45% performance boost through the swim jets making them far superior to a standard swim jet.  With VIP you have your traditional air and water lines feeding the back of the jet housing but then you have a grill on the front of the jet (the face) and a cone shaped design (Velocity Injector Cones) that creates negative pressure around the jet face allowing water to be drawn into the grill and through the jet stream of water making it more powerful.

We’ve not seen or tested it in person but the science seems to make sense.  With any new technology or boosted performance claims, it is always recommended to try them out before buying into the hype to make sure it meets your needs.  Swim Spas are an expensive purchase so we recommend proper due diligence.

H2X Swim Spas VIP Jets
VIP Swim Jets

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