Master Spas Releases H2X Challenger Series Swim Spas for 2019

Master Spas LogoIt’s that time of the year again when the hot tub manufacturing industry starts releasing new makes, models, and innovations just in time for the new year. This time it’s Master Spas of Fort Wayne Indiana making a splash with the announcement of four new swim spa models for 2019. The announcement was made at the annual dealer meeting which took place in Pheonix, AZ this year. The news comes as no surprise as Master Spas has been making headlines the last few months with the announcement of their plans to expand their manufacturing campus, adding over 160,000 square feet for swim spa production, engineering, research and development, and marketing operations. Master Spas is and has been one of the largest swim spa manufacturers over the last 10 years and continues to grow at a rapid pace.

Three of the four new swim spa models released are part of the H2X Fitness Swim Spas brand and fall under the Challenger Series lineup. The 2019 H2X Challenger Series claims to be the first variable speed jetted swim spa allowing for a customizable swimming experience using programmable workouts. The workouts can be set using their new user friendly, full color, intuitive, and large control panels. The newly designed panels were also part of the 2019 overhaul as they provide a very intuitive user interface and make for an overall improved user experience especially when compared to other products on the market today. The company claims the H2X Challenger Series Swim Spas are game changers as they feature a six jet swim system (“VIP Swim Jets”) with zero air induction providing a deep and consistent current for swimmers unrivaled by any other jetted swim system on the market.

The fourth swim spa model is part of the H2X Therapool Series of swim spas. The new model is called the Therapool 13 which was designed for the entry level swim spa market but larger than the current Therapool which is only eleven feet long.  The entry level market for swim spas is growing at a rapid pace as consumers are looking for economical alternatives to health club memberships and like the convenience and privacy of swimming in their own backyards.

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