Unique Hot Tub Experiences

Are you a hot tub enthusiast? Looking for a unique hot tub experience? Hot tub pop-up experiences are gaining popularity across the world. Pop up experiences are where a promoter or special event planning company hosts an event that is temporary lasting as little as a few hours or a few days and takes place in unique locations. What makes these a pop up event versus any other type of temporary event is the element of surprise which is usually the undisclosed location which isn’t revealed until the day before or day of. Such as the case with an event called “Soak” which is coming to secret locations in the forests and beaches of Fremantle, Australia. The actual locations aren’t disclosed until the day before the soaking event where individuals get to bath in temporary wood fired bathtubs while being pampered with refreshments and goodies. Soak takes place during the winter months to make the experience even more cozy and appealing to the senses.

Another hot tub pop up experience that is less relaxing and more fun is hot tub cinema where hot tub soakers get to go to unique and cool locations to watch movies and consume beverages for a unique social experience.

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