Hot Tub and Swim Spa Sales on the Rise Despite COVID 19

Boredom buying? Stay at home stay safe purchasing? Staycations? These may all be reasons why hot tub dealers and manufacturers around the country are reporting an unexpected boom in sales of swim spas and hot tubs. More and more hot tub retailers are experiencing a strong consumer demand in residential hot tub and swim spa purchases.

The COVID 19 pandemic has been catastrophic for many retailers in general however there are some industries that are experiencing a tailwind from it and when you stop and think about it you can speculate as to why the hot tub industy has been a beneficiary of spending. The discretionary income once applied to vacations, travel, cars, etcetera is being repurposed towards improving life at home while we are locked down during stay at home orders. If you are stuck at home then why not add an element of fun, recreation, and countless health benefits for the family.

In fact the demand has been so high it’s put a strain on supply as manufacting leads times, in part due to COVID 19 workplace limitations, have been increased from typical 4 week production times to as much as 12 weeks. Dealers and retailers that were stocked heavily leading into the pandemic and were initially concerned with holding inventory have been churning through their inventory at an unprecedented rate and begging for more.

Here are some recent reports from dealers experiencing a frenzy in hot tub and swim purchases;

1. Aquatime Pools & Spas, Inc.

2. Empire Pools and Hot Tubs

3. Room Mates Pool and Spa

4. Miller Pools & Spas

5. BZ Pools & Decks

6. A & J Pools and Spas

7. Durah Pools

8. Cut Price Pools and Spas (CP Pools)

9. Pride Pools, Spas, and Leisure Products

10. Prestige Pools and Spas

11. Master Pools Guild

12. Pettis Pools

13. Thatcher Pools and Spas

14. Pat’s Hot Tub & Pool

15. Premier Pools and Spas – Lewiston Pool Builders

16. Valley Pool and Spa

17. Crystal Bay Pools

18. The Pool House

19. Austintown Pools and Spas

20. B.Y. Pools and Spas

21. Caribbean Pools and Hot Tubs

22. California Home Spas and Patio

23. Orley’s Stove and Spa Center

24. A Cool Pool Store

25. The Great Escape

26. Litehouse Pools and Spas

27. 21st Century Pools and Spas

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