No More Hot Tubs At State Fairs Due to Canceled Events All Over The Country

Were  you hoping to shop and compare hot tubs and swim spas at your state fair this year? Well if you  were then you know that by now these events are canceling all over the country and no longer provide a marketplace to get a good deal on a hot tub or swim spa in the year 2020.

hot tubs at the fair
Hot Tub Booth at the Washington State Fair

It sad to see this happening as a result of the coronavirus pandemic which started around the first of the year and continues to persist in the United States. Many of these fairs have been open year in and year out for over 100 years with only a handful of canceled years due to things like the Spanish Flu of 1918-1920 and World War II.

These county and state fairs have been a thriving marketplace for hot tub buyers and sellers (local hot tub dealers) for over three decades and have pumped millions of dollars into local communities and economies.

There are still opportunities to buy a hot tub or swim spa from a local dealer as most retail stores remain open. In fact, most have seen a substantial uptick in their sales for the last 90 days as buyers have come out of the woodwork to purchase hot tubs and swim spas in an effort to make the “stay at home” (…”stay healthy”) government mandates more tolerable. Buyers have repurposed discretionary dollars from vacations, dining out, and travel towards home improvement and personal health and fitness.

As of writing this article, the following state fairs are the only ones that remain open. This list is subject to change as many of these events are teetering on the fence of whether they close or stay open for 2020. Also, most of these will be hosting their fairs in some limited capacity and following COVID-19 best practices with hand extra handwashing/sanitizing stations, requiring masks, and/or requiring social distancing.

  • Arizona State Fair
  • Wyoming State Fair
  • Colorado State Fair
  • South Dakota State Fair
  • Nebraska State Fair
  • Louisiana State Fair
  • Mississippi State Fair
  • Alabama State Fair
  • Kentucky State Fair
  • Tennessee State Fair – very limited offering
  • Michigan state Fair – virtual
  • Georgia state Fair
  • South Carolina State Fair
  • North Carolina State Fair – close to canceling
  • State fair of Virginia – close to closing
  • Maryland state Fair
  • Delaware state Fair
  • Eastern Idaho State Fair
  • Utah State Fair

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